2 years of Unmanned Life: Celebrating major milestones with Facebook, BT, Swiss Post… and more to come!

2 years of Unmanned Life: Celebrating major milestones with Facebook, BT, Swiss Post… and more to come!

Today is a special day as we are celebrating the two years of our Company Unmanned Life. Yes, already two years, although it has gone as fast as hell!

An amazing week preceding our celebrations!

Last week was transformational for Unmanned Life. And it arrived at the perfect moment, to keep building the momentum of the Company to achieve success and get to the next level.

As you know, Unmanned Life has just won the best Start-Up Innovation Award of the year for its Autonomous Pop-Up Sorting Centre Solution.

“There are many excellent start-ups innovating the postal and logistics space, however what Unmanned Life is doing is truly game changing for the whole industry” as Bernhard Bukovc, Chairman of the Postal Innovation Platform, summarized at the award ceremony.

This was for our Company the recognition of the potential of Unmanned Life´s AI software platform to re-define the rules of the industry, bringing flexibility, scalability and significant cost reduction for any player, not just the big ones. In other words, this was the recognition by our current and future customers of the innovation and disruption field that we are bringing to this world.

But that´s not all, Unmanned Life has been selected by Facebook and BT for the more than 150 million USD venture backed Telecom Infrastructure Accelerator on September 25th in London. We are the only company in the AI, drones, robotics and IoT space selected for this programme after 45 companies were scouted and shortlisted from across the globe and 6 finalists chosen.

Finally, our third live demo of the year with BT, Ericsson and Saguna, got also an award. That was a Hat-Trick!

“Two years ago, Nicholas and I started on this exciting journey to design the future with little more than a vision of what it should look like and how it should work and that there wasn’t anything currently to make it happen. Today, two years on, we have successfully implemented the first phase of that vision through our ground-breaking, multi-patent pending technology Autonomy-as-a-Service platform winning multiple awards. We are proud but not satisfied.”  Kumardev Chatterjee, Founder and CEO

What we have achieved so far

However, to build such a successful company you need to keep working continuously for two years. And this is what we have done.

In 2 years, we have managed to achieve an important number of milestones that we want to summarize for you:

o   Build a team of 10 people in 5 locations worldwide;

o   Raise more than 1.1 Million USD from marque private individual investors including former VP for Oil & Gas for GE, Principal at Open Field Capital, who backed LinkedIn, Twitter, Palantir and Mobileye;

o   85 patent-pending claims;

o   Live on Market: world´s first autonomous pop-up parcel sorting center and world´s first synchronous indoor drone swarms over 4G LTE

o   First product and customer cycle completed

o   Revenue generating with 5 signed customers

o   Scaling-up in EU, US, Asia

o   Selected and Supported by UK Government as UK top Start-up

o   US Delaware C Corp established

“We are ready for the challenge. We know that what is coming is the most exciting and the most difficult part of the journey. Our goal is to convert all this incredible traction into even more contracts this year, expanding the team and our footprint across the globe.” Nicholas Zylberglajt, Co-Founder and COO.

The most exciting part is the road ahead of us

We stand on the brink of global scaling-up across various large industries such as postal, logistics, telco, infra. We need to be focused and ambitious at the same time. Our focus for 2017-2019 will be to work with the behemoths of these industries to help them to achieve their transformation into the autonomy-as-a-service model.

We remain strongly convinced that the future of industry and society lies in effectively harnessing the benefits of AI and robot fleets to unlock productivity, increase safety and growth in the 4th industrial revolution. The guiding light for us remains the desire to sculpt the future that works for all of us, industry and society, where AI and Robot Fleets and Humans can seamlessly work together.

Stay tuned!