Unmanned Life’s Six Month Re-Cap

The achievements the Unmanned Life team have worked so hard for over the past 6 months reflect the persistence and drive we pride ourselves on having today.

It hasn’t been an easy road and the one that lies before us now will present us with even tougher challenges but we have learnt a lot and can head into this summer confident in our abilities as a team.

We hope you continue to follow our journey as we learn and grow our software and build our vision for the future of the drone economy. Here is a brief re-cap of what we have been up to so far this year:


Unmanned Life’s very own CEO Kumardev Chatterjee was proud to be the Chairman of the Jury for the first ever EU Drone Awards which were held in European Parliament in mid January this year in conjunction with  the Unconvention Tech and Innovation expo 2017.

The EU Drone Awards represent a positive push forward in regards to the recognition and acceptance of the drone economy in the European Union.

The awards themselves were designed to acknowledge and encourage those companies striving for excellence in the manufacturing and implementation of drones, as well as creating a positive agenda for emerging companies to invest in the drone economy.

It was at this award ceremony that EU parliament discussed their plans for a fully comprehensive and unified set of regulations for drones by 2019, a discussion Unmanned Life is proud to have helped facilitate and contribute to.


Unmanned Life was the ONLY drone company to be selected by the UK Government’s Department of International Trade to present at Mobile World Congress 2017. Our Founder and CEO Kumardev Chatterjee has been invited by GSMA, to talk about the 4th Industrial Revolution, drones and privacy alongside Facebook and other key players in the industry. The Unmanned Life team was able to exhibit in the NEXTech Hall alongside the most innovative global emerging startups in the robotics, drone and VR industries.

MWC was an epic event for Unmanned Life, we were able to give a talk on stage alongside GSMA and Facebook representatives as an industry leader in the autonomous drone economy, whilst attracting serious decision makers from across the globe to our stand. Mobile World Congress Barcelona was the event that really launched U-Life this year and set the pace for events to come. 


March was an inspiring time for Unmanned Life, attending a world renown trade show and partnering with an international juggernaut in the same month…

UML attended CeBIT 2017 where Our CEO, Kumardev Chatterjee, took the stage and introduced our A-DaaS solution for the Unmanned Systems and Solutions Summit. It was a unique experience to deliver our A-DaaS platform amongst some of the biggest players in the drone space like DJI and BUVUS, we once again stood out from the crowd with a unique software driven solution for The 4th Industrial Revolution.

 Unmanned Life – one of Europe´s fastest growing drone startups – and PwC UK – one of the world´s leading consulting firms – are working together to leverage the 4th Industrial Revolution for Unmanned Life´s upcoming Series A round.

PwC is providing strategy, legal, tax and corporate finance services with a team led by PwC Partner, Carol Lee. Carol is a recognised leading professional in technology, media, and telecom (TMT) deals, who heads the technology, media, and telecom valuation practice in the UK. 

“Unmanned Life made a significant impression on us from day one as a high-growth and high-potential company. They want to become the Intelligent OS for autonomous drones, integrating their existing drones and IOT ecosystem and the enterprise information management systems to deliver commercial value.” – Carol Lee of PwC UK.

Our partnership with PwC continues to aid us in developing the U-Life brand, attracting key investors and partners as we move through our Series A.


After the success of CeBIT the Unmanned Life team decided to return to the Deutsche Messe Showgrounds for one of the most important events in big industry’s calendar; Hannover Messe.

HM is where the biggest decision makers come together to assess the needs of their company and their industry as a whole, then look to discover innovative cutting edge tech solutions ripe for disrupting conventional processes.

U-Life’s presence at Hannover Messe could be found, once again, both at our stand and on stage as we unveiled our upcoming Fully Autonomous Sorting Centre pilot at the official Young Tech Enterprise Forum.


May was kicked off for Unmanned Life as our CEO happened to meet tech journalist Robert Scoble whilst Mr Chatterjee was traveling through the United States, meeting with various potential investors and attending the nation’s top IoT and tech tradeshows.

Robert Scoble, (Scobleizer), is a recognised authority on what comes next – he launched Google Glass to the world from his shower, Siri was launched in his house and he drove the first ever Tesla – and in May it was Unmanned.Life’s turn after Scoble was impressed enough to launch a live interview with our Founder and broadcast Unmanned.Life’s capabilities to a wide global audience.

The interview with Robert addressed a range of topics from the usual concerns investors would have about IoT or drone tech startups which revolve around security and data protection, all the way to what kind of demand there is specifically for Drones-as-a-Service:

What demand is there for Drones-as-a-Service? 

“I can do a sorting centre right here. There is a lot of demand for something that is flexible, that is cheap, that can be deployed at will and managed seamlessly whether that is in warehousing or logistics…This platform empowers a number of use cases such as 24/7 inspection of towers, 24/7 border surveillance, indoor inspection of places hard to get to, say a tight area of a ship or a nuclear reactor, you can even monitor forest fires.” – Kumardev Chatterjee, CEO of Unmanned Life.

There is no time to rest when you are the CEO of the company offering the worlds first A-DaaS platform; straight after his interview Robert Mr Chatterjee was on stage in Estonia alongside Hyperloop One, Bla Bla Car and OSVehicle for a panel discussion on The Future of Mobility at Latitude 59.

The Advisor of Digital affairs at the Government Office of Estonia, Marten Kaevats, led the discussion on the future of mobility not just considering the growing problem of overcrowded cities and CBD’s but also how governments will approach the regulation of new transport technologies and services.

“It is up to entrepreneurs to educate the regulators,” Kumardev explains.

“When the first Ford cars hit the streets in the US there was a regulation that stated a motorised car could only be driven so long as it didn’t scare any horses…that should tell you something about regulation,” Mr Chatterjee states.


The 2017 IoT Tech Expo Europe took place on the 1st and 2nd of June this year in Berlin. The best and brightest of the IoT world were in attendance with 4,000 attendees, 200+ speakers and 6 different conference tracks looking at real life use cases and applications today. 

From the cars that could be driving themselves to the fridge that knows when you will want a beer or the drones that know the best way to water your crops; everything from the world of IoT was on display and of course, Unmanned Life was there too.

On Day 1 when Ralf Hagen, the Engineering Manager of Nestle took to the stage to discuss production line automation. Discussions around warehousing and production automation keep strictly to the subject of fixed autonomous machines. Unmanned Life was happy to be present at IoT Tech Expo Europe to discuss how our software enables ground and aerial drones to work autonomously indoors and outdoors.

As a partner, Unmanned Life was able to showcase our product and technology integrated with the BT 4G LTE network infrastructure as well as Mobile Edge Computing solution for the full BT Innovation week. BT’s major customers, VIPs and the general public were able to witness a world premiere; autonomous drone fleets in operation simply using 4G LTE.   

Unmanned Life enables these drone fleets to operate without the use of any GPS or beacons, external cameras or other motion capture equipment, and 100% autonomously, without the involvement of any drone pilots. We were able to achieve this with the help and support of our partners BT, Ericsson and Saguna.

The implications of this break-through are that Unmanned Life’s autonomous drone-as-a-service can now be easily deployed by companies inside their factories, just as they would use mobile phones today, keeping communication volumes, speed and reliability under control.

Our partnership with BT in particular has launched our technology to a new level solving the latency issues that go hand-in-hand with operating on a WiFi network, we look forward to the immeasurable opportunities this collaboration has opened up for U-Life’s future.

Powered by Google for Entrepreneurs, Start Up Grind Europe has a reputation of attracting some of the most innovative companies and individuals in the EU and around the world – in attendance this year were names like Google, Hyperloop,Transferwise and Tech Crunch. We presented our vision to a bustling room of thought leaders and decision makers and put Unmanned Life’s last 6 month progress blitz on display with new showreels of our quickly advancing technology.


The Unmanned Life team has learnt and grown from our experiences over the past six months and plans to apply them for a strong second half of 2017.

To look forward to in the immediate future we have our first official pilot with e-commerce leader Post NL which will showcase our Autonomous Pop-Up Sorting Centre we have designed and implemented with Prime Vision’s award winning MMS technology.

Following the sorting centre pilot U-Life will look to the following events to grow and develop our A-DaaS software and find new opportunities and use cases across borders and industries:

To keep track of our journey find our social media links below or contact us here to arrange your own Autonomous Drones-as-a-Service pilot.