Post-Expo Hamburg

It’s time for Post-Expo 2018! Over 3 days, Hamburg will be transformed into the global capital for the Postal Industry, and Unmanned Life is taking centre stage!

From start-up to company, this year we will have a major stand and enormous demo space in the heart of the world’s biggest postal congress. From this strategic vantage point, we will be showcasing the one and only Autonomy-as-a-Service platform, our unique software which leverages AI and 5G to create autonomous workforces of robots, rovers and drones for industrial mission management.

Before a global audience of over 3000 leading postal operators, couriers, e-fulfilment companies, cross-border shippers and delivery companies, we will demonstrate our Autonomous Sorting Centre, using rovers to sort packages and parcels between input and output gates in a live simulation.

Most Innovative Sorting Centre of the Year?”

The Unmanned Life Autonomous Sorting Centre, one of many autonomous solutions capable by the award-winning software platform is going to be in the spotlight at the Post Expo.

At this year’s Post-Expo, we are proud to be showcasing our unique Autonomous Sorting Centre. This was chosen by the world’s leading Postal operator, Swiss Post for its unique scalability, flexibility and cost-efficiency. Swiss Post topped the charts for their reliability, resilience and attitude to innovation, recently confirmed by the Universal Postal Union (UPU) to be a global giant leading the industry standard in innovation. For this reason, they chose to partner with us to secure their leading position in the future.

The Autonomous Sorting Deployment leverages an autonomous robotic swarm that intelligently moves unsorted packages from input to output gates, with great speed and efficiency. What is truly remarkable is that it is purely AI-driven. There are no markers on the ground and no laser systems are used. Our Autonomy-as-as-Service software platform uses advanced real-time digital point vector mapping and state-of-the-art Machine Learning to learn, adapt and optimise both each individual robot and the whole system of robots. This means the robots can be deployed anytime and anywhere there is a flat surface.

This autonomous robotic swarm is cost-effective, modular and scalable, and matches or exceeds other solutions in every way: lower CAPEX, higher productivity, more flexible, easy to set up, and it has a software error rate of 0%.

Autonomous Sorting Centre

Our solution was shortlisted for this prestigious award against top competition around the world, and the illustrious title will be awarded in a red-carpet ceremony this Wednesday!

What to expect at #PostExpo18?

This year will be the most important to date for Unmanned Life who have in just three years grown at an unprecedented rate, achieving some world firsts in autonomous flight, and enjoying strategic presence at many major conferences, and being shortlisted for multiple awards already this year.

As the giants of the postal industry converge in the biggest and most important event of the year, Unmanned Life will have a major presence at several events and venues simultaneously across the Expo.

Booth B4.210 and an enormous demonstration space at the heart of the action, the perfect platform to launch realtime demonstrations of the Autonomous Sorting Solution using autonomous rovers to sort parcels and packages between input and output gates.

Both founders speaking at primetime across the Expo..

Both the CEO Kumardev Chatterjee, and COO Nicholas Zylberglajt will be speaking on various aspects of the Unmanned Life platform and their visions of the company and future of the industry, at different strategic venues alongside key speakers from top companies.


Unmanned Life will be simultaneously represented at two major events across the Post-Expo, both taking place on Tuesday 9 October. Day 2 will be very active, with the company’s cofounders speaking on different aspects of Unmanned Life at strategic slots during the Expo.

A.M CEO Kumardev Chatterjee in Panel Discussion: “Partnership models between start-ups & the postal/logistics companies”.

Alongside Unmanned Life, the panel will include top representatives from DHL, DPD and PostNL, who will together discuss the importance of startups for the postal and logistics sector, what successful cooperation models look like as well as venture opportunities for the postal and logistics sector.

P.M COO Nicholas Zylberglajt on “Autonomy-as-a-Service – integrating different drones to create robust autonomous fleets”.

During the 3-hour session on: Utilising drones in delivery, automation and logistics, Unmanned Life cofounder Nicholas Zylberglajt will speak on Autonomy-as-a-Service: the provisioning and management of an on-demand, scalable, flexible and agile autonomous workforce, composed of fleets of different types of drones, robots and IoT devices working together to deliver Industry 4.0 solutions. He will join partner company Swiss Post, and representatives from companies including An Post, Skycart and the International Civil Aviation Organization.

#Post Expo 2018 in summary:

  • Realtime demonstrations of our Autonomous Sorting Solution, using autonomous rovers
  • Speeches by both founders at separate major events
  • Award ceremony for the global titles of the industry
  • Cocktail receptions and networking dinners with leading executives and high-level clients
  • Exclusive interviews and industry insights

Unmanned Life: 3 continents in 3 years

In just 3 years, we have garnered global recognition through major awards across sectors, international press coverage, top clients across sectors around the world, and a fast-growing presence across 3 continents.

We have strategic partnerships with giants in the postal and logistics sectors and telecommunications, through the magnetic appeal and unparalleled offering of our unique AI-driven software platform.

Recent achievements have been the world’s first demonstration of Autonomy-as-a-Service over 5G at the Mobile World Congress of the Americas in Los Angeles, a historic 152 demos in 2.5 days.

Now its time for the Post Expo 2018. Does Unmanned Life have the Sorting Centre Innovation of the Year? Post-Expo will tell! #staytuned