Autonomy-as-a-Service over 5G at the MWCA18

The Mobile World Congress of the Americas (MWCA) has begun! The Unmanned Life team has reunited from different corners of the globe, it’s all hands on deck to launch the world’s very first public demonstration of Autonomy-as-a-Service over 5G!

After months of preparation, we arrived in the City of Angels, Los Angeles, California. Jet lag, sleep deprivation and hunger were forgotten with the adrenalin of attending the biggest mobile congress in America, and one of the biggest in the world. With over 22 thousand attendees from around the globe, we knew we would have the perfect opportunity to announce our company’s direction towards leading the Autonomous Economy over 5G.

We will be showcasing the capabilities of our platform, which has garnered global recognition and recently won two more major awards (to be announced next week!) and performing a demonstration with drones to prove the autonomous use case scenarios possible with our platform.

One thing at a time, first we need to set up our booth at the Great Britain and Northern Ireland Pavilion, run by the Department for International Trade. Proud to be alongside the best of the British! No rest for the weary, because then we’ll be in Innovation City organizing the live demos we will launch from Pod 10. South Hall. Innovation City, the capital of the MWCA!

With a week of networking, events, talks and demos to launch, we’ll have our hands full! But don’t worry, we’ll keep one finger on the keyboard to keep you updated. #staytuned

Innovation City

Innovation City

MWCA Day 1

MWCA Venue


As the Californian sunrise lights up the Los Angeles Convention Centre, there is a sense of elation as the venue becomes a hive of activity. It’s what we’ve all been waiting for: the Mobile World Congress of the Americas has begun!

The preparation and anticipation of months is paying off, as tens of thousands of tech enthusiasts, investors and fellow participants stream through the enormous venue. We’ve collected our badges, set up our booth at the Great Britain and Northern Ireland demo and now it’s time to get ready for the world’s very first public demonstration of Autonomy-as-a-Service over a 5G network!

Unmanned Life Team at the MWCA

Unmanned Life Team at the MWCA

The first demo was set to take place at 9.30 am California time, just as the Mobile World Congress officially begins. From our strategic position at the Pavilion, we were able to showcase our company’s position as occupying a pivotal place in the 5G landscape, with the backing of the UK Government on both sides of the Atlantic.

We’ve had incredible support and partnerships with key Government bodies, from the Department for International Trade to the British Consulates in San Francisco, New York and Los Angeles. From our demo at 10 Downing Street before the Prime Minister this year, to showing Autonomy-as-a-Service at the residence of the British Consul to San Francisco, our platform has been around the world leaving amazement in its wake!

Now it was time to show the global audience gathered at the Mobile World Congress of the Americas, that our AI-driven software platform can interconnect swarms of robots, rovers and drones for industrial automation and various autonomous use case scenarios across industries, thereby creating a hyperconnected system of humans and robots.

Alongside our fellow British companies, we were proud to represent Unmanned Life and the UK Government at the Great Britain and Northern Ireland Pavilion, and we also directed traffic to our other position: Pod 10, South Hall, Innovation City at the heart of the Congress!

Preparing for the demo

The Autonomy-as-a-Service over 5G demo went live at 9.30 am PDT, and was a resounding success! Demos were to run until lunchtime, with several more over the afternoon. Word spreads like wildfire at such a gathering, and soon there were major crowds interested and amazed by the capabilities of our platform. We were even honoured with some important and recognizable faces: both GSMA Director General Mats Granryd and GSMA CTO Alex Sinclair joined the throng and we were pleased to explain the technology behind the autonomous drones and robots working together in an intelligent swarm.

Mats Granryd General Director of GSMA checking out demo

Mats Granryd General Director of GSMA checking out demo with CTO and Cofounder Nicholas Zylberglajt and CTO Kim Clement

Alex Sinclair GSMA CTO and Kim Clement Unmanned Life CTO

Alex Sinclair GSMA CTO and Kim Clement Unmanned Life CTO

Day 2

Early in the morning, the Unmanned Life team headed back to the Los Angeles Convention Centre (LACC), 1201 South Figueroa Street, Los Angeles, California. Our home for the week!

We are now at the height of the world’s most innovative Congress, which is heaving with people demonstrating new technologies, preparing for keynote speeches, and getting ready for the day ahead. Our platform was ready in place for another full day of demos!

CTO Kim Clement explaining the technology to the crowd

CTO Kim Clement explaining the technology to the crowd

Upon entry to the vast venue, the team split up, some heading to our booth at the UK Pavilion, where we were proud to be showcasing alongside the best of the British! The UK has invested nearly $260m in 5G testbeds and trials through to 2021, foreseeing the megatrend ahead. We are very pleased and proud to have the support of UK Government bodies, including from the Department of International Trade USA. Mutual support for a stronger future!

From our key position at Stand 1960C under the British flag, we would be meeting interested parties, explaining our technology, handing out information, and directing traffic to the next stop: Innovation City!

Where the rest of the team was getting the Platform ready for another day full of demos.

Autonomy-as-a-Service would be showcased through an intelligent swarm of robots and drones working together autonomously, to demonstrate the capabilities of the platform across sectors, including autonomous warehouse management, facilities monitoring and emergency telecommunications.

Around us were banners of 5G and Innovation, and surrounding conversation buzzed with talk of AI, and IoT.

Our AI-driven Platform leverages the capabilities of 5G to interconnect IoT devices, so it was a magnet of appeal.

Autonomous drone over 5G

Autonomous drone over 5G

At the height of the MWCA18, there was a frenzy of faces, interested parties from across the epicentre of innovation, all asking questions, taking notes and watching the demo unfold.

Yesterday alone, there were over 1000 people who came to the heart of the action, at Pod 10, South Hall, Innovation City.

After another full day of demos, shaking hands, explaining the technology and securing contacts, it was time for the team to wrap up that days’ activities. We just about had time to see some excellent technology being showcased and some innovative visions around the congress!

As the crowds trickled out of the venue, the day was ending, but the night had yet to begin!

Time for an evening of networking! #staytuned

Department for International Trade Reception

In the evening, Unmanned Life was one of the exclusive invitees attending the cocktail reception hosted by the Department of International Trade in the USA. As one of the cutting edge British companies with UK Government support, we are proud to be representing Britain as one of the leaders in the new 5G landscape ahead.

Our technology enables the Autonomous Economy over 5G and we have received enormous support from our British delegation across the GSMA MWCA and beyond.

The DIT reception was the perfect opportunity to show our sponsors, partners and interested invitees our cutting-edge platform. We did this in a visual manner, displaying footage from the key demos and world firsts achieved by our AI software platform, including the demonstration of Autonomy-as-a-Service which took place last month at the residence of the British Consul in San Francisco.

A wonderful evening of sharing visions of the autonomous and 5G future ahead, in a beautiful setting. The drinks and conversation flowed, and it was the perfect ending to a successful second day!


It’s the last day of the MWCA18!

It’s the third and last day of Unmanned Life’s inaugural demonstration of Autonomy-as-a-Service over 5G.

With tens of thousands of investors, executives and entrepreneurs from telecommunications, technology and more, the MWCA18 is the perfect platform for our platform!

The MWCA18 has been buzzing with innovations, demos, keynote speeches and debates regarding the hot topics of 5G, AI and IoT technologies. Keynote speakers include major telco providers such as Nokia, Verizon, Samsung and Ericson.

Our platform uses AI to leverage 5G and interconnect IoT devices. We demonstrated this on a daily basis. What exactly did the demo entail?

Autonomy-as-a-Service over 5G

The demo consisted of an intelligent swarm of rovers and drones, working together in an autonomous coordinated manner. The drone would take flight from, and land back upon the rover with perfect accuracy, and they would circle each other with precision and infallibility: all demonstrating the autonomous use cases capable by the Platform.

These include: autonomous inventory management, facilities monitoring, emergency telecommunications in critical situations, and warehouse use cases.

This cutting-edge technology has vast implications as we stand at the precipice of the 5G landscape. The future is autonomous and Unmanned Life are the vanguard!