Bringing our Autonomous Solutions to the Air Cargo Industry

Building on the tremendous success of the Best Startup Innovation award at Post Expo, Unmanned Life was invited to present to the invite-only Air Cargo event organized by IATA in Barcelona on 3-5th October. Our Co-Founder Nicholas Zylberglajt presented our award-winning solution autonomous pop-up sorting center to the air cargo executives from all over the world. The reaction could not have been better.

We presented in detail the advantages of the autonomous pop-up sorting center and how it differentiates with existing automation solutions such as conveyor belts.

As our co-founder said; ”It´s pretty simple, but still disruptive: on-demand, flexible and scalable vs. fix, capital-intensive and not scalable.”

The e-commerce market is booming with a 23.7% growth year-on-year Managing high-volumes, seasonality and high-expectations from customers have become a priority. From the discussion with the participants, we definitely felt our solutions could bring this flexibility, innovation and low capital expenditure the market is expecting for.

The next step for Unmanned Life is definitely to continue to actively engage with the air cargo industry in order to support its modernization efforts. We believe that with our AI software platform we will enable all Air Cargo service providers from the sector to benefit from autonomous air cargo management.  It will modernize the air cargo sector and transform the processes to offer the connected factory of the future. This is the only way that the industry can benefit, and be part of, of the e-commerce boom. The future of the air cargo operations is autonomous. Unmanned Life will enable it.

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