17 08, 2017

Unmanned Life ‘s summer at Station F in Paris

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U-Life ‘s Station F teamFrom left to right, Kumardev Chatterjee (CEO), Maelle Gomez (Station F Project Manager), Didier Katz (Head of Customer Success) The 7th of July 2017 was a big day for U-Life.  Indeed, it was the very first day that Unmanned Life stepped into Station F  the world biggest campus for start-ups in Paris. U-Life has been selected out of a competitive pool of 2000 start-ups. Station F team claims that they are “the only start-up campus gathering an entire entrepreneurial ecosystem under one roof”. And they can claim it: the campus accounts for more than [...]

1 08, 2017

Aquatic Drones: Underrated, Underwater Applications

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Whilst Amazon is taking e-commerce to the heavens and Facebook is connecting the world with WiFi drones, aquatic drones and the companies building them have been the unsung heroes of real industrial application and execution in the marine world. As it is with the UAV market; marine robot and drone models have been created both for industrial and consumer use. When you consider that shipping is still the dominant industry for the global transportation of goods it is odd to think of aquatic drones as a new niche market, but it is growing and so is shipping. Deep Trekker is [...]

25 07, 2017

The Evolution of Anti-Drone Weapons

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The race to build the future might not be making as much progress as the race to shoot it down. As commercial drone companies get closer and closer to putting a UAV in every family home around the globe, the security risks are evident - and for various international defence agencies – a very real concern. “DARPA is interested in exploring the potential for developing and demonstrating system solutions, including sensors and effectors, to enable detection, identification, tracking, and neutralization of sUAS threats.” – taken from a Request For Information (RFI) document posted by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency [...]

18 07, 2017

Top 3 Endurance Drone Flight Solutions

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When it comes to real life industrial applications for UAV’s, battery life is the enemy. From solar panel wings to autonomous charging stations – already new solutions are being adopted to find the perfect endurance drone flight solutions. Drones provide the perfect solution for a variety of surveillance and mapping missions, particularly where the area being surveyed could be dangerous for humans. Recording the growth and lethality of a forest fire takes time, the UAV must not only run a few laps of the affected area but also monitor its situation constantly for any change. When considering the normal battery [...]

11 07, 2017

Unmanned Life delivers successful demo on Autonomous Sorting for Post NL

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Delft, The Netherlands, 11 July 2017. Today Unmanned Life and Prime Vision presented the results of the proof of concept and performed a live demonstration for Post NL of their Autonomous Sorting solution. The Post NL delegation was led by their Global CEO Herna Verhaegen. With an empty warehouse as a venue, the presentation demonstrated a sorting center manned only by autonomous robotic UV’s (Unmanned Vehicles) controlled by Unmanned Life´s software platform.  Prime Vision, a leading solutions provider for the postal, parcel, logistics and airport markets and Unmanned Life, the world’s first AI-driven software platform to manage autonomous drone fleets for commercial [...]

4 07, 2017

Unmanned Life’s Six Month Re-Cap

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The achievements the Unmanned Life team have worked so hard for over the past 6 months reflect the persistence and drive we pride ourselves on having today. It hasn’t been an easy road and the one that lies before us now will present us with even tougher challenges but we have learnt a lot and can head into this summer confident in our abilities as a team. We hope you continue to follow our journey as we learn and grow our software and build our vision for the future of the drone economy. Here is a brief re-cap of what [...]