Drones dancing autonomously before a Californian sunset

Drones dancing autonomously before a Californian sunset

At a stunning state-of-the-art mansion in the prestigious neighbourhood of Presidio, San Francisco, a host of distinguished guests gathered, cocktails in hand, to watch a live demonstration of Autonomy-as-a-Service.

British Consul demo

CEO Kumardev Chatterjee and invited guests at the reception

The autonomous drones took off before the backdrop of a Californian sunset, proving the capabilities of the multi award-winning platform to autonomously coordinate singular or fleets of robots, rovers and drones over 4G LTE and in the future, 5G.

Our software platform uses Artificial Intelligence to coordinate autonomous solutions over 4G LTE, 5G and can work over the cloud. We have won major global awards and are currently moving to become the primary enabler of the autonomous economy over 5G.

The British Consulate to San Francisco and Unmanned Life together hosted the black-tie cocktail party, inviting a variety of exclusive guests to see the capabilities of the cutting-edge British tech company. The assembled invitees made up the most high-profile and significant figures of an Unmanned Life event to date, with C-levels, Venture Capitalists and even high-ranking Government officials from around the world.

Autonomous drones for Brtish Consulate demo

Guests gather to watch the demonstration

Kumardev Chatterjee and the British Consul Andrew Whittaker

Kumardev Chatterjee and the British Consul Andrew Whittaker

The reception was generously co-hosted by the British Consul Andrew Whittaker, who personally introduced Unmanned Life and remained with the VIP guests. The demonstration was an enormous success and was received with praise and admiration by the guests, members of the Consulate and fellow host Andrew Whittaker the British Consul himself.

Autonomy-as-a-Service includes all the autonomous solutions offered by the unique and innovative software of Unmanned Life. It is already deployed in the Postal and Logistics sector and is now teaming up with Telco providers to enable the autonomous economy. It has been featured as a “life-saving platform” that could be used by the Emergency Services in critical situations, it can upgrade warehouses to perform smart autonomous operations, and it can deploy Telco to remote areas.

The reception was significant. Not only did it demonstrate the Government-level support of Unmanned Life as one of the best British tech companies being showcased across the Atlantic, also it was a wonderful cultural and professional event, bringing together a strategic and exclusive audience for an eyewitness opportunity of Autonomy-as-a-Service. The success of the demonstration positioned Unmanned Life as leading the autonomous economy with unsurpassed technology!

CTO Kim Clement explaining the platform

CTO Kim Clement explaining the platform

The event was the perfect opportunity to show-case our Autonomy-as-a-Service platform. It was a major opportunity to shine before the next grand event, the Mobile World Congress of the Americas, where we will be doing 7 daily similar demonstrations at the one of the biggest Tech conferences of the year!

The British Consul Autonomy-as-a-Service sunset cocktail reception was the perfect opportunity to share visions and make crucial partnerships during an enjoyable and entertaining evening.