The DIT Technology Mission Singapore

The DIT Technology Mission Singapore

Unmanned Life was proud to be one of the 50 best British start-ups selected as part of the DIT Technology Mission to Singapore. In a drive to foster international cooperation and global trade, the Department for International Trade and Tech of the United Kingdom organized this transcontinental event to introduce the top British tech start-ups to leading Singapore companies.

Deep in the heart of Asia’s most innovative city, the one-day event in Singapore was an action-packed start to the week with a series of events, from business matchmaking to a themed lunch.

During the day, all the activities took place at the iconic Marina One building, generously co-hosted by the PWC Singapore at their offices in the Asian Capital of Innovation! We were privileged to be one of the British companies selected to promote the UK’s capabilities in Cyber Security, Smart Cities and Health Tech. The event brought together top representatives from the Singapore Government, private and public sector and was a crucial market entry opportunity and occasion to forge partnerships of the future.

The networking lunch brought together investors, companies and high-ranking invitees and the conversation included the hot topics of Artificial Intelligence, 5G and the hyperconnected smart cities of the future.

Kumardev Chatterjee, CEO and founder of Unmanned Life attended the event and presented the unique cutting-edge software platform that is currently creating traction in the sectors of Postal and Logistics, Telecommunications and Emergency response around the world. With existing partnerships with top Telco providers and leading Postal Operators around the world, the South Asian market is the perfect and logical next step for the company experiencing rapid growth.

Autonomy-as-a-Service is the concept of autonomous workforces and swarms of robots, rovers and drones for industrial automation and mission management across sectors. It is enabled by the highly advanced cutting-edge technology, that combines AI, Machine Learning and the cloud to create a state-of-the-art architecture.

Across sectors, companies are reinventing themselves based on the access to unprecedented volumes of data thanks to the IIoT and connected devices, machine learning and the cloud.

Technology is making machines smarter, and people more efficient. One huge step for increasing productivity is the automation of existing systems, deploying robots and rovers to work alongside human personnel, freeing the latter from the more menial and repetitive manual labour. The Unmanned Life platform enables autonomous solutions easily integrated with existing infrastructure.

The DIT Technology Mission was an enormous success. Business meetings by day, and an exclusive cocktail reception by night! In a generous and highly enjoyable networking evening kindly co-hosted by the DIT and PWC Singapore conversation flowed and potential partnerships for future trade were forged.

With our multi global award-winning software Platform which can power swarms of robots, rovers and drones in industrial automation and autonomous mission management, enabling the Autonomous Economy, we were one of the hottest dates at the matchmaking event!