Unmanned Life blazes the trail in the Postal Sector with the first autonomous sorting deployment

On the 4th of July 2018 the postal industry was forever changed as a crucial and historical milestone was reached. Unmanned Life pioneered the first autonomous sorting deployment in Europe for a major postal operator. Yet another unprecedented achievement by the company, assuring their role as leaders of innovation at the vanguard of the autonomous economy. In just 3 years Unmanned Life has continued to drive change with their AI driven software platform that offers Autonomy-as-a-Service across sectors, enabling Industry 4.0.

The project was a resounding success. In just 3 months, an autonomous sorting solution was designed and delivered on time, on budget and with results exceeding the agreed KPIs. It should be fully operational by the end of the year. Here is the footage of the first Autonomous Sorting deployment in Europe:

In the video, you can see the autonomous sorting solution. Sorting is performed by 4 autonomous mobile robots that execute the sorting process from A (unsorted) to B (sorted), taking parcels and packages swiftly from one to the other. The system is fully flexible and scalable. You can add capacity by adding robots and change input or output directions at will without the need to deploy further infrastructure, making it the perfect adaptable solution for any logistical operation. It is an asset-light system that can be deployed anytime and anywhere, moved from one location to another, and collaborate with humans without any risk. As you can see, there are still some human workers needed, but their jobs are vastly improved and they safely and simply work alongside the autonomous robots. This game-changing technology could forever change the face of the postal industry paving the way to the autonomous economy.

Second rover

Autonomous rover sorting packages


Success? Not only did the solution prove to be faster and more efficient than expected, the software platform also delivered a 0% error rate.

Why is the solution needed?

The face of the postal and logistics industry is changing. The phenomenal growth of e-commerce is creating a demand for ever more packages, to be delivered at ever greater rates, and current models are struggling with the demand. According to a recent study,

Total e-commerce sales are estimated to reach $3.578 trillion in 2019 and $4.058 trillion in 2020, the latter representing 14.6% of the total retail spending.

The postal industry is threated by some major challenges:

  • There is need for high upfront investment, with current sorting systems requiring high CAPEX despite not reaching full capacity for many years.

  • A business risk is created by the long cycles presented by sortation system commissioning times, and the future uncertainty of postal volumes.

  • There is fluctuating demand due to peak seasonal times and the pressure of e-commerce on existing postal infrastructure.

  • Cost pressures from downward prices and need for labour to meet productivity.

Around the world, industries are undergoing digital transformations to meet the demands of a globalized world. The postal and logistics sector is looking for autonomous solutions to upgrade their services and remain competitive, and our solution is a simple and affordable means to handle greater volumes and retain their edge in the industry. Autonomy-as-a-Service through the Unmanned Life platform can be seen once again to enable the autonomous economy and Industry 4.0.

Autononomous rovers

Autonomous rovers

What is an Autonomous Sorting Solution?

As we recently proved, our AI software platform can sort packages between input and output gates, through deploying an autonomous robotic fleet. It is the proposed alternative to traditional conveyer belt technology with an easily integrated, fully flexible and highly secure autonomous solution. Our autonomous robotic fleet is cost-effective, modular and scalable, and matches or exceeds other solutions in every way: lower CAPEX, higher productivity, more flexible, easy to set up, and it has a software error rate of 0%. 

It can be tailored for individual needs and has a solution for every challenge. For pop-up capacity, irregular packages, warehouse upgrades and new capacities, the solution has resulted in lower CAPEX, 4x times less space needed and an improved efficiency and modularity.

Rovers sorting packages autonomously

Rovers sorting packages autonomously

The success of this deployment has enormous implications, it could have ripple effects across the industry as ever more postal operators recognize the benefits of the autonomous solutions. Around the globe, the postal and logistics sectors will be looking to us for the autonomous alternative for a smarter future.

In the 1700’s the first Industrial Revolution brought us mechanical production equipment. Electricity and the Internet resulted in the next two revolutions. Industry4.0 is here, and Unmanned Life are at the forefront with Autonomy-as-a-Service offering disruptive autonomous solutions across sectors. The future is autonomous!

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