Growing at a fast pace: 6 months in review and what is coming next

Growing at a fast pace: 6 months in review and what is coming next

The second half of the year 2017 has shown that the hard work, passion, and dedication to offer game-changing solutions that create a lasting and visible impact, has made Unmanned Life unstoppable.

During the last 6 months, have we not only turned 2 years old; what makes it special are the achievements gained in a such a short period of time. Intense months of hard work are turning into landmarks that can be looked with pride. Unmanned Life has grown at a great speed reaching the missions to become a globally known company who offers to various large industries, such as postal, logistics and telecoms solutions to transform the way of working with the autonomy as-a-service model (AtaS) making the 4th industrial revolution possible.

We are glad to summarize all the successful moments lived during the last 6 months:


“The judges had been particularly impressed Unmanned Life’s understanding of wide market applications and its evidence for early growth at pace including Drone and Autonomous Parcel Sorting Deployment.” Rory Cellan-Jones, Tech Awards.

The last months of the year were especially remarkable to Unmanned Life, being honored with several awards, which demonstrates the impact that our AtaS solutions have for the unmanned future making the 4th industrial revolution possible.

At the end of September, Unmanned Life performed as a key actor in Post Expo Awards in Geneva winning the Best Start-Up Innovation of the year 2017 by the Postal Industry. From more than 200 companies, U-Life got selected to the last 12 finalists among the leading e-commerce and logistic companies such as Workhorse and TwinswHeel. U-Life showed that the solutions offered are truly game-changing for the whole industry. The judges were convinced with the outstanding value and relevance that our AtaS solution have for the postal and logistics sector.

“There are many excellent start-ups innovating in the postal and logistics space, however, what Unmanned Life is doing is truly game-changing for the whole industry.”  Bernhard Bukovc, Chairman of the Postal Innovation Platform

The outstanding autumn continued when Unmanned Life got awarded as a Most Promising MEC Trial/POC in the Edge Awards with the third live demo with British Telecom, Ericsson and Saguna.

Right after, U-Life got selected by Facebook and BT for the 165 million USD venture backed telecom Infrastructure Accelerator in London being the only company in the AI drones, robotics and IoT space selected for this programme after 45 companies were scooted and shortlisted from across the globe.

Finally, in November U-life won, after being named in two different categories, the award of the Best Disruptive Innovation of the year 2017 in UK Tech Awards.  Unmanned Life was identified as THE company that can demonstrate a significant business impact through innovation. Moreover, U-life is among the youngest companies nominated by the industry for this award. The award was given by Techworks, the UK’s Industry Association for Deep tech that brings together the rising AI, robotics, 5G, IoT analytics, machine vision and automation technologies. The presence of TOP level UK govt. figures and leading technology giants like ARM, Cadence and Thales made the moment even more special for Unmanned Life.

Partnerships, Product Demos and Launches

The last 6 months were a great success period for Unmanned Life when looking at the great collaborations among the influential leader tech companies working with the technology of tomorrow.

In last June, BT selected U-Life as their drone service partner which made possible the very succeeded collaboration among Unmanned Life, BT, Ericsson and Saguna. World’s first Autonomous Drones operating on a 4G LTE network where Ericsson SIM Cards run in conjunction with Saguna’s multi-access Edge computing server.

In July, Unmanned Life, and Prime vision (leading solutions provider for the postal, parcel, logistics and airport markets) collaborated in developing pioneering solution for mail and parcel industry by showing with a live demonstration and presentation the results of the proof concept for Post NL, about autonomous sorting solution where the collaboration between drones, “worker bees” and humans work in a harmony.  This innovativeness showed it results when gaining the award in Post Expo 2017 as a best Start-Up innovation.

“We believe it will be a game-changer for postal and express parcel carriers alike. We like to describe it as Sorting without a Sorter. “ Kumardev Chatterjee, CEO of Unmanned life

In November, Unmanned life was invited as a special guest to the Telecom Infra Project Summit in Palo Alto, California. With the presence of the high-level representatives from the most relevant industries, Unmanned Life found the perfect moment to present, show-case our solutions and launch new products. In other words, using our AtaS platform to disrupt the whole telecom industry, with the support of the industry itself.  Read more about our solutions here.


Events and Exhibitions

During the second half of the year 2017, Unmanned life has attended multiple events and trade fairs creating a visible and lasting impact on the market with solutions that are at the heart of IoT ecosystem.

As mentioned, the partnership among U-Life, BT, Ericsson and Saguna was shown to the world at the BT innovations week in Adastral Park, UK in June. Moreover, in June, U-Life got an amazing opportunity, after being selected to exhibit in Start-Up Grind Europe, where the collaboration between was also presented.

The success kept going when attending Post Expo in Geneva, where the very first award was taken home and intensive days were carried out making outstanding impressions. 20 live demos of the autonomous pop-up solutions were shown, and two ambitious and visionaries panels were set, with our CEO Kumardev Chatterjee forming part of them.  As a result, Unmanned Life was invited to showcase its innovative product to the Air Cargo industry, in an international event organized by IATA, in Barcelona.

November 8th was a remarkable day for the team of Unmanned Life after being selected by Facebook and BT for the Telecom Ecosystem Accelerator Center. U-life was indeed invited to participate and exhibit at the Telecom Infra Project summit in Silicon Valley, where our solutions were shown to the main actors of the Telecoms Industry.

At the end of November, building on the Postal Industry worldwide recognitioin,  U-Life was the only start-up company invited to present its solutions to the PTT Conference international e-commerce conference by Turkish Post in Antalya, Turkey. Our COO Nicholas Zylberglajt presented a startling speech about U-life’s industry changing solutions to the leading companies of the post and logistics such as Turkish Cargo, UPS, Ptt among others, making Unmanned Life’s name one of the most memorable and remarkable of the whole conference.

What’s coming up in the next 3 months

There´s no tomorrow. You need to create it.

Even higher goals are set for the 2018 and our team is working hard with the future changing solutions globally. Unmanned Life will be focusing on creating disruptive solutions with our AtaS platform, to two fast developing market industries, both postal and logistics, and in the telecoms sector


U-Life team will actively keep sharing our visions in several events and exhibitions during the coming three months. You can find us in:

AutoTech Council, Silicon Valley, 12th of January: our CEO has been invited to present U-Life at the Startup Review and CES debrief. This council is one of the most influential industry associations in the automobile industry gathering auto manufacturers and their major vendor partners. This will be the perfect forum to present our AtaS platform and our autonomous solutions.

AI Congress, London, 30-31st of January. AI Congress is bringing together leading players on the market across the globe to look at how artificial intelligence and deep learning is changing society. For U-Life this will be a great start for the event year, being able to exhibit and connect, interact, and share ideas with the most relevant influencers of the future industry.

Mobile World Congress, Barcelona 26th of February – 1st of March. U-Life won’t miss the next Mobile World Congress in Barcelona where world’s leading technology companies gather under the same roof creating one the most important event of the mobile sector in terms of innovation, ideas, and future changing solutions. This year will be special as Unmanned Life has been invited as part of the Telecom Infrastructure Project and will be exhibiting at Facebook´s booth itself. There will be several key actions and demos in Barcelona.

LogiMat, Stuttgart 13-15th of March. LogiMat 2018 is the leading international trade fair that provides a comprehensive market overview and competent knowledge-transfer. The focus will be on innovative products, solutions and systems for procurement, warehouse, production, and distribution logistics.  You will find our Business Development Manager Ahmad Miari attending the next edition of LogiMat.

Postal and Parcel 2018, Berlin 20-22nd of March. The next Postal and Parcel Conference brings together senior executives from Europe’s leading postal and logistics operators, having a focus on topics including new entrants, automation, connected infrastructure and how the traditional mail delivery is changing to automotive ways, where Unmanned Life’s solutions are guiding to the 4th industrial revolution. Our CEO Kumardev Chatterjee will be among the top speakers of the conference.

Unmanned Life has gained, learned, and developed a lot, always with dedication, perseverance, and enthusiasm. Meanwhile, we thank you for all the support. More is about to come.

Stay tuned!