How Unmanned Systems and Solutions Were the Highlight of CeBIT17

Unmanned Life was selected as the ONLY UK drone company to be presenting on stage at CeBIT’s official Unmanned Systems Summit in Hannover, Germany. The Unmanned Systems Summit was held on Thursday 23rd of March in the new Unmanned Systems and Solutions Hall, a successful and important addition to CeBIT’s  major theme and goal to deliver “the digital transformation in its entirety”. Unmanned Systems as an industry had an immense presence at CeBIT displaying their integral role in enabling Industry 4.0 and building the future of smart cities. Unmanned Life stands alone in addressing the bigger picture for the drone space and was once again able to present a completely unique approach in the form of our very own Autonomous Drones-as-a-Service (A-DaaS) at CeBIT 2017.

Our software platform for enabling autonomous drone fleets aims to be THE solution and foundation from which Smart Factories, Cities and Homes will be built.

Our CEO Kumardev Chatterjee was selected to present Unmanned Life’s vision on stage at CeBIT17 for the official Unmanned Systems Summit in Hall17 amongst some of the biggest players in the drone space like DJI and BUVUS and new innovative solutions coming from companies like Fotokite, Definetz eV and Unifly.

Companies that offer solutions like IBM’s 3d printed fully autonomous bus ‘Olli’ or Definetz eV and their drone service to deploy defibrillators to increase emergency aid response times, really help to push drones to the forefront of discussion at not only CeBIT17 but wider platforms in the tech space.

It is the objective of CeBIT to offer a space where industry leaders can come and experience the ‘complete’ digital transformation; a collection of startups and well established tech juggernauts that each bring something new to innovative fields such as IoT, AI, unmanned systems, VR etc.
The Unmanned Systems Summit was such a space.

Unmanned Life presented alongside innovative companies and solutions which provided services and products ranging from multirotor waterproof UAV’s operating in aquatic environments to surveillance drone services deployable in vast construction landscapes to collect valuable data. These singular applications are innovative but fall short of the true potential of the drone to instead fill an immediate application or need, Unmanned Life’s approach is still a world first and only.

Our founder delivered our vision on stage in Hall17 explaining how we provide ‘intelligent autonomous unmanned drone fleets’ and how this sets us apart from all other drone space operators. Our solution resonates with the crux of CeBIT; we provide the ‘complete’ drone solution as Unmanned Life’s A-DaaS platform does not limit itself to industry specific applications or hardware designs, we do not make drones; we enable the 4th industrial revolution.

The UML team was proud to present our solution amongst such important key payers in the industry and so we would like to thank everyone at Deutsche Messe and CeBIT for giving us this opportunity.

To learn more about our capabilities please take a look at the video below or contact us by email: or through any of the social media platforms listed at the bottom of the page.

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