Kicking off the most exciting weeks of telco at IoT Forum

Kicking off the most exciting weeks of telco at IoT Forum

Unmanned Life is creating a strong base in the telecommunications worldwide. While getting prepared for the most important weeks of telco industry in Europe, we have also been reaching on a global scale, this week in the Silicon Valley.

On Thursday 15th of February, our CEO Kumardev Chatterjee took the stage at the IoT Forum by Telecom Council Silicon Valley. This month’s key topics were concentrated on robotics and artificial intelligence. This was the second time for Kumardev at the Forum, which shows the increasing interest of the industry in our autonomy-as-a-service solutions.

The prestigious audience including multiple industry leaders from KUKA, Mitsubishi, Nokia, Orange, China Mobile and BT among others, who were strongly impressed with AtaS and the visions that U-life has, enabling a total unmanned scenario in the future’s work fields.

The IoT Forum is focused on discovering innovation, exchanging knowledge, growing professional networks, and above all building partnerships across the entire IoT ecosystem. Buyers, sellers, and technology companies from around the world convene in Silicon Valley each month to meet companies, review new products and to build new connections. Also, they are sharing thoughts about the still existing issues of AI in robotics. In this point, the innovation offered by U-life is needed, being just what the companies are looking for.

We have pointed out few of the most important points discussed in IoT forum that are also the main conversation themes at MWC18.

4th industrial revolution: The growth in IoT has meant that every type of industry is now looking at connected technologies to ensure it is ready for the move from automated production and IT, to an automated society. The Fourth Industrial Revolution is one of the most complex, inclusive, and automated revolutions our society has seen.  Our fully autonomous, flexible AI driven platform is enabling the revolution that the industries are looking for, in order to become more adapted, agile and flexible in the high growing demand.

Future service provider: Unmanned Life, being the most disruptive innovation of 2017 has been considered as one of the hot companies providing future services. Obtaining the first AI-driven software platform for autonomous applications of Industry 4.0 solutions, enabling industries to become fully autonomous, managing unmanned ground and aerial vehicles and other robotics systems. These changes that are already adapted on the postal, logistics and telco sectors, can be seen in a larger scenario, transforming cities and industrial infrastructures.

Tech in Society: Connected technologies have the potential to offer huge benefits for our society starting from better transport, security, health, and emergency response. Especially ADCS (Autonomous DroneCell Solution) on-demand, that will be changing the future’s operations of the sector, making a better life for many people in remote areas or in areas suffering natural disasters. This is one of the many potentials of our autonomy-as-a-service AI software platform bring to the society.

Applied AI: Our solutions are provided by an AI-powered platform that makes possible the increasing need for autonomous solutions. This implementation of AI in the solutions bring competitive advantages, directly cutting shipping and work times, costs, security risks and efficient communication. Moreover, with artificial intelligence empowering the autonomous solutions, they can be easily adapted to changing demand, becoming the most efficient solution possible.

Network: Unmanned Life is enabling solutions by using the top network connectivity over 5G, 4G and Wi-Fi. In here, special importance is given to our telecommunication solutions providing connectivity to anywhere without setting up permanent telecommunication infrastructure.

To have a further discussion about our autonomy-as-a-service solutions in Mobile World Congress, find us at the Facebook Private Space in Hall 2.1 Stand 2.1 A1Ex. Please contact to concrete a meeting (visits by appointment only).