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Unmanned Life closing quarter one at the industry leading events

The last weeks of quarter one have turned out to be extremely donating and full of success. After a very outstanding week at MWC18, we have disrupted in several industry-leading events both in Europe and US.  Through a live demo, speaking slots, pitches and panel discussions, our global team has actively shared our vision of autonomous future, enabled by Autonomy-as-a-Service (AtaS) solutions. Take a closer look at what we have been up to and discover where to find us next week: Canso Madrid  Canso ATM week is the world’s largest international air traffic management (ATM) exhibition and conference. Organised by the Civil Air Navigation [...]

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Highlights of Mobile World Congress 2018

MWC18 turned out to be one of the most successful exhibition weeks for Unmanned Life so far. Although the weather in Barcelona was extremely cold, Unmanned Life proved multiple times to be the HOT company of the year with world´s first 5G enabled autonomous solutions. Only successful exhibition days weren´t enough for us; we took the last week of February to a whole new level. Our MWC18 started already on Sunday when our both founders were invited to the private GSMA Mobile lunch, that is considered the official inauguration event of the Congress. It is a privileged gathering where [...]

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Case Study: Operators collaborate with industry partners to drive new mission-critical services globally using 5G

BT, Verizon and Ericsson, in partnership with academics at King’s College London and autonomy-as-a-service experts, Unmanned Life, have teamed up to demonstrate how 5G technology can enable a raft of mission critical services globally and show why 5G will deliver so much more than just enhanced mobile broadband. The opportunity BT and Verizon have been researching the power of technologies like virtualization, edge cloud computing and federated network slicing as key enablers for the next generation of services to ensure high quality of service excellence. Previous generations of mobile technology have not been capable of supporting certain kinds of [...]

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Unmanned Life goes on live at MWC18 with CNN

The kick off the most important week of telco industry is just about to start. This year’s Mobile World Congress has brought us day after day major opportunities, partnerships and platforms to share autonomy-as-a-service and off-the-shelf enabled 5G. Our solutions are disrupting worldwide and gaining the attention of the industry leaders, making our vision of creating fully autonomous future, every day a bit closer. These results are seen during the next days. We are proud to announce that Unmanned Life, selected by UK’s government DIT (Department for International Trade) to showcase the best British Innovation to MWC18, has been [...]

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Kicking off the most exciting weeks of telco at IoT Forum

Unmanned Life is creating a strong base in the telecommunications worldwide. While getting prepared for the most important weeks of telco industry in Europe, we have also been reaching on a global scale, this week in the Silicon Valley. On Thursday 15th of February, our CEO Kumardev Chatterjee took the stage at the IoT Forum by Telecom Council Silicon Valley. This month’s key topics were concentrated on robotics and artificial intelligence. This was the second time for Kumardev at the Forum, which shows the increasing interest of the industry in our autonomy-as-a-service solutions. The prestigious audience including multiple industry [...]

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