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Unmanned and Unbelievable: time to hit London Tech Week

Robots on the streets and drones in the sky…a scene from BladeRunner 2049? No, this is London Tech Week. Between 11 and 17 June, all eyes will be on London as the city hosts Europe´s largest festival of technology and innovation. Unmanned Life will be there alongside some of the biggest names in tech who will be showcasing the latest transformational technologies and innovations, including robots, AI and autonomous vehicles. London will be hosting over 50,000 delegates from around the world, and leading entrepreneurs, policy-makers, start-ups and international talent will gather to share their visions and build partnerships. Headline speakers [...]

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From Barcelona to Berlin, Unmanned Life jumps into June

Two Conferences, two countries, two major presentations: One Company. It's the beginning of June, and Unmanned Life has exploded into summer with two major conferences in one week! Both cofounders were attending two separate events, in two countries, speaking on two aspects of the company. From Barcelona to Berlin, Unmanned Life has shown its global potential in representing Autonomy-as-a-Service across borders. EDelivery Barcelona Edelivery is a major retail conference that took place between 5-7 June in Barcelona. With over 4,000 attendees from the retail, logistics and ecommerce sectors, it is a hub for networking and showcasing the latest in technologies [...]

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Unmanned is On Board!

  It is exciting times for Unmanned Life, and all eyes will be on CEO Kumardev Chatterjee, as he stands on the main stage of the Colosseum Theatre in the Noah Conference Berlin, speaking about his vision of an autonomous future powered by an AI driven software platform. Some of the biggest names in the tech industry will gather to hear about Autonomy-as-a-Service architecture and the AI driven IoT SAAS platform bringing autonomous solutions across the sectors. Kumardev will be speaking at Noah Berlin 2018, one of a series of events that will bring together over 3,500 attendees, 700 investors [...]

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Autonomous Logistics for the e-Commerce Delivery Supply Chain

The emergence of e-commerce as one of the key sales channels has disrupted delivery. Delivery services need to be disrupted. With booming e-commerce volumes growing every year at double digits, the entire supply chain is affected. New consumer habits, including the need for fast and free delivery, require operators to invest in technology to modernise their warehouse operations to keep pace with these new trends. Greater and greater volumes, require ever higher capabilities, but can this be done by just an incremental change? Delivery services need to adapt or die. Many articles have been written about Walmart´s efforts to catch [...]

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Unmanned Life winner of Uk National Technology Award 2018

Unmanned Life has been awarded “Best Transport Technology of year” at UK’s National Technology Awards organised by FS Tech, UK’s leading technology publication. This is another major milestone achieved by the London company just a few weeks after been chosen by London Mayor as one of the fast-growing tech startups to support in its program “Go to Grow”. The Jury, composed by leading investors, journalists and experts, recognised that Unmanned Life has been at the cutting-edge of technology development and qualified Autonomy-as-a-Service as the “brick in the middle to bring autonomy and automation to a larger set of behemoths eager [...]

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