Post-Expo 2018 and beyond

Post-Expo 2018 and beyond

The Post-Expo is over for one more year and for Unmanned Life this was the most significant and eventful to date. Held in the city of Hamburg and over 3000 leading delegates, investors and executives of the postal industry gathered to share ideas for the future and showcase the best in cutting-edge technology. Post-Expo generates global recognition as the biggest event of the industry where the future leaders of the parcel logistics sector are made.

Sorting Centre Innovation of the Year

On Wednesday 10 October the award ceremony was held to announce the future leaders of innovation of the postal industry. The Postal and Parcel Technology International awards are handed out after months of critical deliberation, and hair-splitting analysis of the best ground-breaking developments in new technologies in the industry. Against competition from top postal companies around the world, Unmanned Life was selected above all others as the Sorting Centre Innovation of the Year, alongside global leader Swiss Post.



The industry has chosen the Unmanned Life solution over other well-established companies such as Grey Orange, Geodis, Pitney Bowles or Tompkins robotics. After winning the award for “Best Startup Innovation of the Year” at last year’s conference, winning the award against established players shows the acceptance of the impact that autonomous indoor logistic solutions are having in the market – and Unmanned Life are at the vanguard of change. The Postal and Parcel Technology International Awards are the industry benchmark for the companies shaping the future. They recognize the top solutions, innovations and developments not just at a European level, but against every company in the world. The international recognition is highly sought after, and the awards are handed out after months of deliberation and critical selection. Unmanned Life were selected above all the competition!


For our Autonomous Sorting Centre which uses an autonomous workforce of rovers working alongside personnel to sort parcels and packages at great speed and efficiency. The Judges of the Award (top executives from DHL, USPS, La Poste, SingPost and UPU among others) were especially impressed with how flexible and cost-efficient the solution was, and its ability to increase the productivity of warehouses. It can sort up to 10 000 parcels an hour, yet it is an asset light solution that can be deployed anytime, anywhere, saving warehouses between $0.8 to $1.6 million a year.

Our solution architecture consists of a central control platform fully integrated with any WMS system, a configuration interface, parcel scanning solution and AGVs for regular and irregular parcel sorting.

Central Demonstration Space

At the heart of the Post Expo 18 Unmanned Life was represented both by a central booth, and an enormous demonstration area in Hall B4 from which to showcase the award-winning Autonomous Sorting Centre and prove to the global audience of the Post-Expo why we won the award!

A steady stream of traffic passed by to see the autonomous rovers sorting the packages between the input and output gates, and CTO Kim Clement explained the technology of the software to the interested audience.

Demo space at Post-Expo

Demo space at Post-Expo

Founders both speaking at Primetime

At the height of the Post-Expo on the first day, both founders of Unmanned Life represented the company at different venues across the conference. CEO Kumardev Chatterjee was part of a major panel discussing “Venture opportunities and the importance of start-ups in the postal and logistics sector” alongside representatives from DPD, Swiss Post and Post NL.

Later that same day, COO Nicholas Zylberglajt was part of a 3-hour session on “Utilising drones in delivery, automation and logistics” and he spoke about Autonomy-as-a-Service – integrating different drones to create robust autonomous fleets. The session gathered representatives from Federal Aviation Administration, Airbus, PwC, Skycart and Swiss Post.

Networking events

Demos by day, dinners by night. During the day the team was busy at the booth, demonstration space and speaking at events across the conference. The nights were filled with networking dinners with high-level clients and investors, and on Wednesday Unmanned Life hosted an exclusive cocktail party to precede the Award Ceremony.

Anticipation was high and the drinks were full, and after Unmanned Life and Swiss Post together won the Sorting Centre Innovation of the Year, the champagne flowed!

It was one of the few Postal and Parcel Technology International Awards that are distributed after months of deliberation and critical selection by heavyweights and giants of the industry. The Unmanned Autonomous Sorting Centre was selected above all the competition, as being the most flexible, cost-efficient and best on the market.

The award therefore has enormous implications for the industry, confirming the global recognition of autonomous indoor logistics as revolutionary and game-changing technology soon to make traditional methods obsolete.

Swiss Post chose the Unmanned Life Autonomous Sorting Centre above all alternative solutions, and after a successful proof of concept earlier in the year the partnerships will be fully operational in the coming months. Swiss Post recently topped the charts as the best postal operator in the world. For the second year in a row, Swiss Post has been recognized by the Universal Postal Union as the best postal operator worldwide and is widely recognized in the industry for championing new solutions and technologies.

“We are very excited about this recognition. This solution of UL offers a flexible way of expanding capacities quickly, supporting employees in their daily work and relieving the strain.” Daniel Lefebre, Head of Information and Systems Technology at Swiss Post.

Post-Expo may be over for the year, but the event will shape the future of Unmanned Life. The Autonomous Sorting Centre is unparalleled in its unique offering in the field of autonomous indoor logistics solutions. Receiving the award at the Post-Expo 2018 is a serious acknowledgement at a global level of the disruptive impact of these innovative solutions on traditional methods, and Unmanned Life are leading the way.