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Autonomous Drone Parcel Delivery

The System Integration Box allows the drone parcel delivery system to be easily integrated on any existing delivery vehicle, without any modifications to the vehicle. ​

Our solution for last mile delivery improves the efficiency of the process making it integrated, cheaper and faster.

Autonomous Pop-Up Parcel Sorting

The affordable & agile alternative to conveyor belt based sorting.

Shifting staff to value-added tasks, making the process more productive

Benefits of Pop-up parcel sorting

Parcel sorting with classic conveyor belts 24/7/365 is unpractical and costly while building new centers take a long time. U-Life’s solution will operate in any building autonomously, continuously and safely.

  • AI-based pathfinding between gates and dock, multi-gate queuing

  • AI based collision avoidance and human detection, error detection & correction

  • Integrated with existing information systems

  • Scalable, flexible & extensible: rovers are added or removed on demand

Benefits of Drone parcel delivery

Unmanned Life’s Platform provides a fully  autonomous  last mile drone delivery fleet that can be deployed on-demand, anywhere. 

  • System integrated with delivery vehicle cohor

  • Fully autonomous scalable solution, deployable on demand 

  • Controlled by 4G LTE + GPS, no WiFi required

Awarded The UK‘s Best Disruptive Innovation 2017 by the UK Deep Tech Association