Unmanned Life Selected by the UK Government as the Only Drone Company to Exhibit at MWC 2017

Unmanned Life is the ONLY drone company to be selected by the UK Government’s Department of International Trade to present at Mobile World Congress 2017. Our Founder and CEO Kumardev Chatterjee has been invited by GSMA, to talk about the 4th Industrial Revolution, drones and privacy alongside Facebook and other key players in the industry. The Unmanned Life team will be exhibiting in the NEXTech Hall alongside the most innovative global emerging startups in the robotics, drone and VR industries.

Unmanned Life is the startup in the drone space to be selected by the UK Government to present at the Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2017

Our Solution

Autonomous Drones-as-a-Service (A-DaaS):

Unmanned Life has developed the world’s first AI-driven IoT platform to deploy and manage fleets of commercial drones and ground vehicles, both indoors and outdoors, fully autonomously i.e. without human intervention or drone pilots.

Unmanned Life’s software platform extensions allows commercial drone fleets to be connected to the existing enterprise information management systems and AI platforms from vendors such as SAP, IBM, Microsoft or GE, thereby enabling a fully autonomous robot work force that enables the 4th Industrial Revolution, disrupting human labour intensive industries such as postal, shipping, logistics, oil and gas, surveillance, aid, et al.

Unmanned Life’s unique innovative platform is protected by 85 patent pending claims.

Building the World´s First Autonomous Drone-Based Sorting Centre

Unmanned Life’s vision is already a reality, we are currently building the world´s first Autonomous Drone-based Sorting Centre for one of the top 5 Postal operators in the world.
This pioneering initiative has been praised globally and published in the leading specialised media platforms such as Postal Technology International, Post and Parcel and Robotics Tomorrow. We have also presented this project at the prestigious Postal Innovation Platform Conference at the United Nation’s Universal Postal Union Congress and at TechCrunch Disrupt.

More Traction

Unmanned Life is celebrating its 18 months anniversary at MWC, and aside from building the world´s first Autonomous Drone-based Sorting Centre, we have been selected by Facebook as the only drone platform for their Global Telecommunications Initiative and we have launched Europe’s first EU Drone Awards alongside PwC, Parrot and Intel. We are currently engaged in more groundbreaking innovative pilots with top 5 operators in the shipping and telecommunications sectors. Our growth and progression looks to only increase as Unmanned Life has also partnered with PwC to conduct its current Series A fundraising round.

How to Find Us At MWC

If you want to meet us you can find us at booth 8.0L27 in the NEXTech Hall (Hall 8) or at the “Phones, Drones and Automobiles: Privacy and Transparency Across the Mobile Ecosystem” conference in Hall 1 on March 1st from 16:00 – 17:30 when our CEO will be speaking. You can also schedule a meeting with us, just contact us via email or via the app.

We will be organising a small get together at our booth on Wednesday the 1st of March. Join us if you want to try the best cava in the MWC, it will be coming directly from the vineyards!


If you would like to have a chat ahead of Mobile World Congress 2017 please do not hesitate to send us a message at contact@unmanned.life or any of our social media channels.

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