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 The first AI driven software platform for Autonomous Intelligent drone fleet management

Unmanned Life enables industries to be fully autonomous. Our software platform manages unmanned ground vehicles, aerial vehicles and other robotics systems through a single interface.

The advantages of our platform

We design the solution with you

We provide scalable and extensible solutions based on your demands.


Less man-hours, more productivity

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In a Digital Factory we provide fast options!

Interested in our Digital Factory solutions?

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Important aspects can be automised

Interested in our Surveillance + Inspections solutions?

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Disaster response can be fast and safe!

Interested in our Disaster Response solutions?

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3 – 6 months pilot

9 month full commercial deployment

  • We design the solution for you

  • We test it in our R&D Lab and your premises

  • We test and first integrate the solution with your IMS

  • We do a demo

  • We build on the pilot design and scale the solution

  • Flexible and scalable solution based on demand

  • We integrate the solution with your IMS

  • We support you in post-implementation

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