Sorting Centre Innovation of the Year!

Unmanned Life are proud to announce we won the award for:

Sorting Centre Innovation of the Year!

(10th October 2018, Hamburg, Germany) During a red-carpet awards ceremony at the Post-Expo, the biggest industry event of the year in the city of Hamburg we garnered global recognition for our Autonomous Sorting Centre solution developed in partnership with Swiss Post. The industry has chosen the Unmanned Life solution over other well-established companies such as Grey Orange, Geodis, Pitney Bowles or Tompkins robotics. After winning the award for “Best Startup Innovation of the Year” at last year’s conference, winning the award against established players shows the acceptance of the impact that autonomous indoor logistic solutions are having in the market – and Unmanned Life is leading this game-change.

“We are very pleased to receive this award as this is the recognition of our bold vision to deliver positive disruption and technology to a sector that is needing an out-of-the-box approach to adapt to the 21st century. It also shows that the industry is changing and accepting more and more autonomous solutions as true alternatives to traditional systems” says Kumardev Chatterjee, Founder and CEO of Unmanned Life.

The Postal and Parcel Technology International Awards are the industry benchmark for the companies shaping the future. They recognize the top solutions, innovations and developments not just at a European level, but against every company in the world. The international recognition is highly sought after, and the awards are handed out after months of deliberation and critical selection.

For Unmanned Life to win the best Sorting Centre Innovation of the Year demonstrates the recognition by an entire panel of highly discerning judges of top experts from around the world. This includes industry heavyweights, with high ranking executives from DHL, USPS, La Poste, SingPost and UPU among others.

What makes us the best?

The solution uses our AI-driven software Platform to empower an autonomous workforce of rovers to sort packages and parcels. The Autonomous Sorting Centre creates an autonomous robotic swarm that intelligently moves unsorted packages from input to output gates, with great speed and efficiency. The platform leverages Artificial Intelligence to deploy swarms of intelligent rovers and robots to sort packages and parcels of different sizes, working alongside personnel. The technology is remarkable in its efficiency and simplicity: driven purely by AI, it uses no markers on the ground nor laser systems. The Unmanned Life software platform uses advanced real-time vector mapping and state-of-the-art Machine Learning to adapt and optimise each rover or robot and the swarm as a whole. This means the rovers can be deployed anywhere there is a flat surface. The solution supports, not supplants the human workers, allowing companies to outsource the gruelling manual labour to the autonomous workforce and retain their personnel for better tasks.

Our Autonomous Sorting Centre was selected above all the competition, and confirmed to be the best in the world, for the following reasons:

Demo Space at the Post-Expo

Demo Space at the Post-Expo

Demo Space at Post-Expo

Demo Space at the Post-Expo

Flexible: the solution can be deployed anytime and anywhere, and moved between warehouses in a single day;

Scalable: the number and size of rovers or robots can be increased or decreased at will;

Cost-efficient: it can save a warehouse between $0.8 million to $1.6 million per year, and dramatically increases ROI from 5-8 years to just 1-3 years.

Working with the Best Postal operator in the world

Unmanned Life developed the first autonomous sorting centre in Europe for Swiss Post who recently topped the charts as the best postal operator in the world. For the second year in a row, Swiss Post has been recognized by the Universal Postal Union as the best postal operator worlwide and is widely recognized in the industry for championing new solutions and technologies.

 “We are very excited about this recognition. This solution of UL offers a flexible way of expanding capacities quickly, supporting employees in their daily work and relieving the strain.” Daniel Lefebre, Head of Information and Systems Technology at Swiss Post.

Unmanned life will continue the cooperation with Swiss Post. Both companies have been featured in several articles in the Post and Parcel Technology International Magazine, the go-to industry resource for information on the latest and best in cutting-edge innovation. Including articles on the proof-of-concept trial for the Autonomous Sorting Centre, the shortlist for the Award itself, and Unmanned Life as winning the Postal Innovation Startup Competition at last year’s Post-Expo.

A promising outlook for the months to come

The future looks bright for the Unmanned Life autonomous sorting solution. Following the success at this year’s Post-Expo, Unmanned Life books are starting to fill very rapidly and the interest in the industry is without any doubt.

“Post Expo was very busy for us, but we expect an even busier Q4 2018. We are excited about the new opportunities arising from this award. Expect exciting news in the months to come!” said Nicholas Zylberglajt, Founder and COO of Unmanned Life.

Unmanned Life – “Sorting Center Innovation of the Year”