Industry 4.0 at South Summit in Madrid Keynote speech by Kumardev Chatterjee

Last week our CEO Kumardev Chatterjee, gave a keynote speech during South Summit, at the “How can humans co-work with drones?” panel.

Drones are having a significant impact in several areas of our society; for instance, fire departments, police units and disaster responders all use drones to some degree, assessing harrowing situations, finding missing people or helping fellow humans. This is just the beginning as their use will be crucial in construction, mapping, wildlife conservation, pipeline inspection and many more areas! They will improve efficiency, save many lives and reduce costs.

As a consequence, some jobs will be lost and the only way to avoid that people will transform their fears into votes for political extremes (as it already happened in two of the most advanced societies in the world – the US and UK), is that universities, companies and in particular governments will take preventive measures.

It is crucial that workers are trained so their variety of skills are adapted to the societal and technological changes. Gradually introducing technology phasing will translate into major benefits for society as a whole.

Apart from speaking about drones, Kumardev also discussed Industry 4.0, as drones are largely part of this revolution, saying:

The combination of Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and smart data (big data is not enough), which is known as actionable data, is a combination that will deliver that”.


You will be able to walk into an experience where the data and the actions have merged, which will create a what we call “always-on” aspect and this is not 5 years away, you will start seeing it next year.This is why people are going crazy about Industry 4.0, this is why big companies are focusing on it, conferences are focusing on it: there’s a lot of potential for a whole new way in doing things; it’s not just apps or cars”.


There is one thing that has been dragging though which is vision of the user interface; we are using your fingers as interface, your voice with Alexa, in some cases we are using our mind for control although this is in experimental phase, but there has been little progress on vision of the user interface.


“A lot of companies are working specifically on this area. Once vision interface will look at somebody and smile with their eyes or you can look at the door and the door will recognize you.”


“So this is coming!”


If you found this interesting, we would like to invite you to see the whole speech, below:


Sources: Financial Times, World Economic Forum, The Economist

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