28 12, 2017

Growing at a fast pace: 6 months in review and what is coming next

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The second half of the year 2017 has shown that the hard work, passion, and dedication to offer game-changing solutions that create a lasting and visible impact, has made Unmanned Life unstoppable. During the last 6 months, have we not only turned 2 years old; what makes it special are the achievements gained in a such a short period of time. Intense months of hard work are turning into landmarks that can be looked with pride. Unmanned Life has grown at a great speed reaching the missions to become a globally known company who offers to various large industries, [...]

9 06, 2017

Unmanned Life and BT partner to fly drone fleets on 4G Network

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Unmanned Life is very pleased to announce that we have been selected by BT (British Telecom) as their drone-as-a-service partner.  As a partner, we will be showcasing our product and technology integrated with the BT 4G LTE network infrastructure as well as Mobile Edge Computing solution for the full BT Innovation week. BT's major customers, VIPs and the general public will be witnessing a world premiere; autonomous drone fleets in operation simply using 4G LTE.    For the first time there is the provision of a drone-as-a-service platform over 4G LTE and Mobile Edge Computing, indoors, in a fully-GPS-denied environment. You will see multiple drones taking-off, flying and [...]

2 05, 2017

The Evolution of Industrie 4.0 at Hannover Messe

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Hannover Messe 2017 marked an impressive change in the trade fair’s 4 year obsession with Industrie 4.0, a concept with a vague but inspiring fluidity. In 2016 the aim of the game was to 'Discover Solutions'; new Industrie 4.0 tech applications that could potentially change the way international companies do business. This year’s fair was all about 'Creating Value'; how are new tech solutions directly applicable today for big industry? And how should we implement them to scale? Unmanned Life took the opportunity to align our speaking slot and exhibition as part of the ‘Young Tech Enterprises Forum' with the [...]

29 03, 2017

Unmanned Life team up with PwC UK

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Unmanned Life - one of Europe´s fastest growing drone startups - and PwC UK - one of the world´s leading consulting firms – are working together to leverage the 4th Industrial Revolution, in particular, in light of Unmanned Life´s upcoming Series A round. Unmanned Life is the world’s first AI driven IoT platform deploying fleets of fully autonomous commercial drones (A-DaaS). Software-controlled drones are safer, more reliable and offer an on-demand scalable solution at a much lower cost. Kumardev Chatterjee, CEO and Founder of Unmanned Life, said: “We are a Fourth Industrial Revolution company building the next generation of industrial [...]

2 02, 2017

Unmanned Life presents the 1st EU Drone Awards

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Unmanned Life’s very own CEO Kumardev Chatterjee was proud to be the Chairman of the Jury for the first ever EU Drone Awards which were held in European Parliament in mid January in conjunction with Unconvention tech and innovation expo 2017. The EU Drone Awards represent a positive push forward in regards to the recognition and acceptance of the drone economy in the European Union. The awards themselves were designed to acknowledge and encourage those companies striving for excellence in the manufacturing and implementation of drones, as well as creating a positive agenda for emerging companies to invest in the [...]

8 12, 2016

TECH CRUNCH 2016: Four Legged Robots Take The Stage

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Unmanned Life made some interesting friends on the first day at Tech Crunch Disrupt this year in London. Not many other companies at the expo featured a merging of AI and hardware, in fact Unmanned Life was only 1 of 4 startups that did so in 'Hardware Alley'. However, the Unmanned Life team was excited to see the talk from Marc Raibert (Founder of Boston Dynamics) on the first day and observe the developments the tech company has had in the past few years particularly with their integration of AI in robotics. (Marc Raibert and SpotMini at Tech Crunch [...]