TECH CRUNCH 2016: Four Legged Robots Take The Stage

Unmanned Life made some interesting friends on the first day at Tech Crunch Disrupt this year in London. Not many other companies at the expo featured a merging of AI and hardware, in fact Unmanned Life was only 1 of 4 startups that did so in ‘Hardware Alley’.

However, the Unmanned Life team was excited to see the talk from Marc Raibert (Founder of Boston Dynamics) on the first day and observe the developments the tech company has had in the past few years particularly with their integration of AI in robotics.

(Marc Raibert and SpotMini at Tech Crunch Disrupt)

Although Boston Dynamics was founded over 25 years ago, they have not as yet released any actual products for commercial sale, however, SpotMini appears to be their best candidate. The small dog-like robot is capable of moving around objects indoors and across un-uniform terrain outdoors.

“Our mission has always been the same, which is to build machines that can do what humans and animals can do,” says Mr Raibert.

The unique four-legged design of their robots and the reputation Boston Dynamic’s engineers have for their thorough testing of their creations has led to a series of YouTube videos obtaining viral status.

“We are like proud parents trying to show off the capabilities of our robots, we are trying to show that it has enough autonomy to deal with interference and re-plan as well as keep its balance and things like that,” Marc explains.

For his talk at Tech Crunch however, Marc did not insist on kicking his poor robot around the stage, instead he simply outlined the units features and discussed the capabilities an autonomous machine such as SpotMini would have in the everyday life of man.

All of us at Unmanned Life find the work of Boston Dynamics inspiring, however we have taken quite a different approach to the development of our own AI products.

Where Boston Dynamics aspires to create the perfect autonomous hardware units, the Unmanned Life team specialise in implementing their unique software platform to control fleets of drones which are manufactured independently of our business.
Our platform controls the drones to complete tasks and feeds the data they collect back to the existing information databases of your business.

To find out more about how we provide the whole solution for traditional business models and not just a product, contact our team here and we will get back to you shortly.

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