TECH CRUNCH 2016: Using data to fuel a new wave of innovation in medicine

The Unmanned Life team was lucky enough to spend the last two days at Tech Crunch Disrupt expo in London rubbing shoulders with some of the brightest entrepreneurs and most experienced investors. Whilst showcasing how our Autonomous Drone Based Services Platform (ADBS) operates to utilise data and our unique tech to provide autonomous solutions to traditional industries, we found the work of other fellow techies quiet intriguing.

Professor Jackie Hunter from Benevolent Bio piqued our interest because of how her company is utilising data as the fuel of a new piece of autonomous AI tech, a perfect example of the development of the 4th industrial revolution.

“We have the chance to really disrupt the drug development process,” says Professor Jackie Hunter.

Benevolent Bio’s AI technology analyses huge scores of medical data that is recorded in un-uniform structures and would usually take scientists years to decipher, then uses the data to come up with alternative uses for drugs that already exist.

(Prof. Jackie Hunter talking at Tech Crunch Disrupt)

(Prof. Jackie Hunter talking at Tech Crunch Disrupt)

“I come from the pharmaceutical industry and the R and D, even though we have a lot more data, has not changed in decades,” says Jackie.

This form of innovative thinking is what Unmanned Life base their vision and model around, the disruptions of traditional human-centric industries with new, efficient and autonomous tech.

Wether it is taking inventory management of a commercial marine tanker or logging and comparing scores of data sets, automation is key for those industries wishing to prosper in the 4th industrial revolution.

If you had a chat with us at Tech Crunch Disrupt or would like to talk with one of our engineers about how we could use our autonomous drone software with your company please shoot us a message here: and we will get back to you shortly!


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