Telecom meets Autonomy-as-a-Service: Unmanned Life honoured to be selected by US Telecom Council for their Innovation Showcase 2018!

Telecom meets Autonomy-as-a-Service: Unmanned Life honoured to be selected by US Telecom Council for their Innovation Showcase 2018!

Santa Clara, California

Unmanned Life has been selected by the prestigious US Telecom Council for the Innovation Showcase 2018! This is the major programme in the Telecom sector for startups and the demo day will take place on 22nd May in Silicon Valley. The selection process included more than 1000 startups to choose from and very detailed screening process with judges including the world’s largest companies in the Telco sector such as Verizon, BT, Orange, Deutsche Telekom, Telefonica, Swisscom, Telstra, China Mobile, LG, SONY and Sprint. This selection by the industry leaders is the top level market validation of Unmanned Life’s value proposition.

The aim of Telecom Council’s 2018 Innovation Showcase is to match early-stage start-ups with vendors, investors, and potential partners from across the globe. Since 2001, the forum have worked with over 2 000 executives from around 750 communication companies across more than 30 meetings each year. The showcase is designed to discover market-ready communications start-ups, with deployment-ready technologies, and introduce them to industry partners to help them take their business to the next stage. With 10 years of experience in introducing communications startups to communications service providers and vendors, the Telecom Council, through its ComTech Forum and IoT Forum, has helped selected young companies to take off. The companies for Telecom Council’s Innovation Showcase will be part of the Class 2018. See all the shortlisted companies in here. 

Here at Unmanned Life, we are addressing the current challenges in the telecom industry including the long-distance operations, obstacles with infrastructure or remote unconnected rural areas by deploying our unique Autonomy-as-a-Service solution operable over WiFi, 4G or 5G. The platform enables connectivity without the need of building permanent telco antennas creating the portable and capacity scalable connectivity. Furthermore, our cost-efficient Autonomous Drone Cell Solution [ADCS] use case is bridging the digital gap between unconnected remote populations. It [ADCS] facilitates ad-hoc telco services accounting for disaster response, urban emergencies or events with high-density of people.

‘’Our role as the technology community enabling the Autonomous Economy, is to ensure the progress of the current stage of the industry and to deliver innovative industry 4.0 solutions over 5G’Kumardev Chatterjee, CEO

We are extremely glad that the journey with the Telecom Council continues on the Innovation Showcase. For us, it brings an excellent platform to demonstrate how Autonomy-as-a-service will be the brick in the middle to enable autonomous solutions in the telco industry.

Stay tuned for our participation throughout the duration of the summit including day of demos, pitches and meetings with larges key industry players.

See you all on 22nd May in Santa Clara!