From Barcelona to Berlin, Unmanned Life jumps into June!

From Barcelona to Berlin, Unmanned Life jumps into June!

Two Conferences, two countries, two major presentations: One Company. It’s the beginning of June, and Unmanned Life has exploded into summer with two major conferences in one week! Both cofounders were attending two separate events, in two countries, speaking on two aspects of the company. From Barcelona to Berlin, Unmanned Life has shown its global potential in representing Autonomy-as-a-Service across borders.

E-Delivery Barcelona

Edelivery is a major retail conference that took place between 5-7 June in Barcelona. With over 4,000 attendees from the retail, logistics and ecommerce sectors, it is a hub for networking and showcasing the latest in technologies and solutions. Representatives from sectors including logistics, operations and handling systems gathered to find out about the relevant cutting edge solutions and foster relations for maximum profitability.

Some of the biggest names present were Amazon, Mango, and of course, Unmanned Life, where many gathered to hear COO Nichoas Zylberglajt speak about his vision of Autonomous Logistics for the e-Commerce Delivery Supply Chain.

One of the biggest issues, the backdrop to the entire conference, was the role of retail in the city of 2030. In order to have a place in the smart cities and digital warehouses of the future, delivery services need to adapt or die, and Unmanned Life has the solution for change.

In his presentation on “Autonomy-as-a-Service: flexible, modular and on-demand autonomous solutions for ecommerce logistics”, COO Nicholas Zylberglajt pointed out that delivery services need to be disrupted. Ecommerce is a relatively new phenomenon, and in order to meet the exploding consumer demand and booming volumes, an investment in new technology is crucial to keep pace. Autonomous logistics are the solution, and Unmanned Life can provide the “game-changing solutions to deliver new cost paradigms”. For more on this subject, including autonomous sorting and inventory management, click here.

A conference, expo and networking hub, from presentations, interviews to the retail club bringing together CEOs, COOs, and the Supply Chain Managers from major retailers and companies in logistics, Edelivery was the perfect opportunity to showcase Unmanned Life´s autonomous solutions, and it was a major success for business in Barcelona.

Noah Conference Berlin

Noah Tel Aviv, London and Berlin, is a “Three Conferences: One Mission” event, known for connecting the champions and challengers of the digital economy. For two days on 6 and 7 June, Berlin was shaken to the core with some of the biggest names in tech, among them Unmanned Life, who was one of the privileged few companies to speak on the Main Stage in the Colosseum of the Conference.

In the afternoon of the last day, CEO Kumardev Chatterjee spoke about Unmanned Life, and the award-winning software platform deploying and managing fleets of UAVs and ground robots over 5G, both locally and with roaming access. Before investors, attendees and fellow tech giants, he spoke about the vision of Autonomy-as-a-Service, and the scalable, flexible solutions that the platform offers. Projected onto a huge screen on the stage, a video explaining the solution accompanied Kumardev Chatterjee´s speech, both before the invited audience and paying attendees in the Colosseum and on the Noah Conference live stream across the internet.

He spoke about the possibilities and solutions offered by the innovative AI driven Platform, which integrates drones of different types (aerial, ground, hybrid) with a variety of capabilities to work together as robust autonomous fleets, in conjunction with other IoT devices and hardware. They can be deployed over the cloud via a single management interface both indoors and outdoors, with or without GPS, over Wi-Fi, 4G LTE or 5G.

Noah Conference is famous for being one of the biggest and most important European events of the Tech calendar, and a unique opportunity to bring together promising companies and interested parties, and launch future partnerships.

Current and future leaders of the digital economy were in Berlin in these memorable days, and Unmanned Life was on board!

So one busy week is over, and on Monday London Tech Week begins, Unmanned Life will be all over the capital in one action-packed week full of exciting events, we are looking forward to showcasing our award-winning platform!