Unmanned is On Board!


It is exciting times for Unmanned Life, and all eyes will be on CEO Kumardev Chatterjee, as he stands on the main stage of the Colosseum Theatre in the Noah Conference Berlin, speaking about his vision of an autonomous future powered by an AI driven software platform. Some of the biggest names in the tech industry will gather to hear about Autonomy-as-a-Service architecture and the AI driven IoT SAAS platform bringing autonomous solutions across the sectors. Kumardev will be speaking at Noah Berlin 2018, one of a series of events that will bring together over 3,500 attendees, 700 investors and 200 company presentations, in one of the biggest networking events of the tech world.

Champions and challengers of the digital economy will rub shoulders at this preeminent European event, which will take place in Berlin on 6-7 June. Europe´s most promising new companies will gather in the hope of being catapulted into game-changing deals, and the conference will be a unique opportunity to connect with some of the biggest names and showcase ideas. Unmanned Life is one of the privileged few to be speaking on the main stage, bringing the vision of an AI powered software platform to build the autonomous solutions of the future. CEO Kumardev Chatterjee will be meeting fellow tech giants, sharing ideas and building bridges for future partnerships.

Launched in 2009, Noah has now snowballed into three events: “Three Conferences One Mission” in London, Berlin and Tel Aviv, which share the common goal of connecting the current and future leaders of the tech world. Alongside networking opportunities, Noah conference is about sharing ideas, being inspired and also having fun.

This year, Unmanned Life will be showcasing its AI powered software platform which enables Autonomy-as-a-Service, the award winning platform deploying and managing fleets of UAVs and ground robots over 5G, both locally and with roaming access. The 4th Industrial Revolution is here, and Unmanned Life will be the vanguard of technical development, offering autonomous solutions across industries.

Autonomy-as-a-Service is a unique innovative software platform that is disrupting human labour intensive industries such as postal and logistics and telecommunications and offering drone powered solutions. It is pulling the rug from underneath sectors using warehouses, doing inspections, and involving manpowered infrastructure, and replacing it with a magic carpet.

This year´s Noah Conference will be assembling some of the best new tech companies and keenest investors, Berlin will be buzzing with some of the biggest brains of the digital economy. We will be seeing some of the most attractive new companies climbing on board the arc, and Unmanned Life will be one of the hottest dates of the night!

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