Unmanned Life CEO Speaks at The Commercial UAV Show in London

Unmanned Life attended the 3rd annual Commercial UAV Show at the London ExCel in late October this year. The show attracted over 3,500 attendees and 100+ professional speakers who gave in depth talks about the evolving drone and tech industries.

Our own CEO of Unmanned Life (UL), Kumardev Chatterjee, filled the seats of the exhibition centre during his talk on the 2nd day of the event; breaking down topical points of discussion and eliminating common myths surrounding the practical uses or ‘limitations’ of drones in labour intensive industries.

“This concern about drones and their ability to carry heavy objects is quite simply a myth, our top engineers have designed a drone that can carry 150kg, carrying up to 4kg on an octocopter is easy,” says Mr Chatterjee.

Kumardev Speech CEO

(CEO of Unmanned Life, Kumardev Chatterjee, gives his talk at The Commercial UAV Show 2016)

The CEO of the worlds first Autonomous Drone Based Services Platform (ADBS) went on to breakdown exactly how UL is using their unique software to disrupt the labour intensive processes involved in postal factories now:

“If you want to send a package from the UK to Australia it will have to pass through 7 to 9 different postal services that all have similar labour intensive processes for organising your parcel, this is hugely expensive. We can have a drone work over the weekend to handle inventory management, we can also pick up your parcels as they are delivered to the factory then sort them directly,” Mr Chatterjee explains.

Over the course of The Commercial UAV Show, UL was approached by key industrial players who were very interested to know about our technology. Some of the professionals that visited our booth to chat about customised solutions were from DHL and the European Space Agency. Automation is the infrastructure of the 4th industrial revolution and it was clear just by looking around at the environment of this years Commercial UAV Show that the revolution is happening now.

“This isn’t some futuristic vision for 2020, drones are examining the structural integrity of bridges in New York at this very moment, this is happening right now.” – Kumardev Chatterjee, CEO of Unmanned Life

The UL Team at The Commercial UAV Show

(The Unmanned Life Team at The Commercial UAV Show)

If you dropped in to say hello at our booth during the UAV Show or want to know more about how the Unmanned Life team can construct an autonomous solution for your company please get into contact with us through Contact@unmanned.life and we will get in touch shortly!

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