Unmanned Life starts autonomous sorting tests with Swiss Post

Unmanned Life starts autonomous sorting tests with Swiss Post

Unmanned Life is jointly testing the commercial use of autonomous robots for parcel sorting with Swiss Post. The two companies are investigating specific uses of autonomous AI-based technology and examining the effectiveness of these business ideas. Tests with autonomous robots will be carrying between March and July 2018 for this purpose. The potential of using autonomous robots to conduct sorting is significant, replacing existing fix structures such as conveyor belts with modular, on-demand & flexible solutions, providing more cost-efficient automation that can be deployed faster and anywhere.

Swiss Post has identified autonomous technology as one of the innovation areas where we want to dig in and pilot. In a warehouse, there are many opportunities for these new solutions to be deployed. We have chosen Unmanned Life to learn from this field by testing and piloting the technology” Thierry Golliard, Head of Open Innovation & Venturing at Swiss Post

In September 2017, Unmanned Life was awarded Best Startup Innovation at the Post Expo that was held in Geneva for its autonomous sorting solution. Since then, the two companies have decided to join forces to test the deployment of the solution in one of its distributions bases near Zurich.

We are honoured to be trusted by the leading players in the Postal industry. This collaboration with Swiss Post gives Unmanned Life the opportunity to further develop the Autonomy-as-a-Service sorting use cases with the most innovative postal operator in the world.” Kumardev Chatterjee, Founder & CEO, Unmanned Life


The “Autonomous Pop-Up Sorting Centre” solution enables a fleet of autonomous robots to provide an automated sorting centre environment. These robots intelligently avoid obstacles and other robots, transfer packages from unsorted input to sorted output gates and ultimately deliver the complete scalable sorting centre solution.


Unmanned Life is changing the rules of the game and I am glad to see that they are disrupting traditional sorting technology with their autonomous, flexible and scalable sorting. Swiss Post could not be a better partner for such a test”  Bernhard Bukovc, Chairman of the Advisory Board for Postal & Logistics, Unmanned Life

Flexible and modular automation

With these tests, the objective will be to analyse the technical possibilities and design a solution fitting Swiss Post own needs at an early stage. Earlier estimations show that a flexible and modular automation as enabled by Unmanned Life AI-Software platform reduces heavily capital investments, reduces the time for deployment and therefore increases dramatically the return on investment of such technology.

We are extremely excited by this cooperation. This is the proof that the market is extremely hungry for disruptive solutions that will provide answers to new consumer habits. This pilot will help us to deploy further our solution and confirm that this is the 21st century alternative for the e-commerce logistics: autonomous, flexible, modular and on-demand.” Nicholas Zylberglajt, Founder & COO, Unmanned Life


The first results are expected early September 2018.