Unmanned Life presents the 1st EU Drone Awards

Unmanned Life’s very own CEO Kumardev Chatterjee was proud to be the Chairman of the Jury for the first ever EU Drone Awards which were held in European Parliament in mid January in conjunction with Unconvention tech and innovation expo 2017.

The EU Drone Awards represent a positive push forward in regards to the recognition and acceptance of the drone economy in the European Union.

The awards themselves were designed to acknowledge and encourage those companies striving for excellence in the manufacturing and implementation of drones, as well as creating a positive agenda for emerging companies to invest in the drone economy.

Assisting Unmanned Life with the presentation of the first ever EU Drone Awards were Jury members from IntelParrot and PwC. The ceremony could also boast an attendance of  nine members of the European Parliament plus a brilliant keynote speech from Matthew Baldwin, the Mobility and Transport Directorate-General of the European Commission.

The evening began with an opening speech from Mattijs van Mittenburg a member of the Euopean Parliament and Nicholas Zylbeglajt Co-founder and President of the EYIF (European Young Innovators Forum) and also our COO here at Unmanned Life.

Our CEO, Kumardev Chatterjee, was also able to give a presentation about Unmanned Life’s Autonomous Drone-based Services Platform (ADBS), explaining how our unique software allows Unmanned Life to utilise autonomous machines to craft an efficient and cost effective work force capable of a multiplicity of tasks.

The night then developed into a very special and integral discussion panel about securing a fully working EU policy framework for drones by 2019.

The combination of professionals contributing to the discussion included officials from drone tech companies such as Parrot, along with the Director of Strategy and Safety Management at the European Aviation Safety Agency and Joshua Salsby the official in Aviation Policy and Agreements from the European Commission.

As the legislation and policies surrounding the operation of drones (particularly in densely populated areas) is at times unclear a serious goal for the evening of the EU Drone Awards was to discuss exactly what the future of the drone economy will look like in Europe.

According to the PwC “Clarity from Above” report the future does look bright; 

“The addressable market value of drone powered solutions is over $127 bn. This is the value of current business services and labour that are likely to be replaced in the very near future by drone powered solutions, according to PwC predictions.”

Unmanned Life is looking forward to partnering with the innovative EU Drone Awards recipients in the future to implement our autonomous drone based software platform. Please find a full list of the award recipients from the night here.

Unmanned Life is very proud to have played such a vital role in the first ever EU Drone Awards and will continue to support it and the progression of the drone economy for years to come.

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