The Evolution of Industrie 4.0 at Hannover Messe

Hannover Messe 2017 marked an impressive change in the trade fair’s 4 year obsession with Industrie 4.0, a concept with a vague but inspiring fluidity. In 2016 the aim of the game was to ‘Discover Solutions’; new Industrie 4.0 tech applications that could potentially change the way international companies do business. This year’s fair was all about ‘Creating Value’; how are new tech solutions directly applicable today for big industry? And how should we implement them to scale?

Unmanned Life took the opportunity to align our speaking slot and exhibition as part of the ‘Young Tech Enterprises Forum’ with the theme of Hannover Messe by unveiling the latest developments of our Fully Autonomous Sorting Centre pilot.

The Digital Factory was one hall that was well represented at this years fair between Siemen’s  MindSphere IoT displays and Bosch showing off their old fashioned workbench made new in the 21st century with integrated design. However, there was once again a lack of companies offering industrial applications and solutions for autonomous drones and UGV’s.


Industry 4.0 – Connecting the past with the future

The workplace of the future:19th century visitors at the Industry 4.0 fair HANNOVER MESSE?! Well, that incident had a special significance at the Bosch booth. Find out how we connect the past with the future – including Robert Bosch’s original 130-year-old workbench: #HM17

Posted by Bosch Global on Friday, April 28, 2017

The involvement of drones and UGV’s in the industrial production line, and generally being an asset of value in the integrated processes of the Digital Factory is a concept that is hard to visualise with the current saturation in a developing marketplace. Drones are being sold commercially as expensive toys with a few up-market units being snapped up by cinematographers as a kind of ‘ace-up-the-sleeve’, the only real solutions being offered for industry are coming from companies such as Amazon and Intel who are custom building units to perform single tasks such as surveillance runs and e-commerce deliveries. 

Taking normal commercial drones from the shelf to industrial application is what Unmanned Life does, and it is also a neccesary development on the long road for drones to be accepted as a revolutionary tool for Industrie 4.0. Individual units produced by tech giants have fixed use cases that must conform to their initial design, whereas Unmanned Life’s Autonomous Drones-as-a-Service platform (A-DaaS) is constantly growing software capable of building on old applications.

It was a rewarding experience to be able to exhibit alongside industrial juggernauts like Siemens, Bosch and Microsoft and a unique opportunity to explain and explore the REAL use cases of our software and the opportunities with drones and UGV’s in the industrial landscape in general.

To learn more about how Unmanned Life’s A-DaaS platform could benefit your company’s production processes or industry in general please contact us.