Unmanned Life Opens Office in Paris for Station F

The same size as the Eiffel tower lying down, capable of hosting 1,000+ startups and backed by international innovation leaders like Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft; Unmanned Life is very proud to announce that we have been selected for a space at the world’s biggest startup campus, Station F in Paris.

Located in the 13th arrondissement in a former railway depot built in the 1920’s, Station F keeps some of its raw industrial architecture but infused with innovative designs that come together to create a massive 34,000m2 creative and collaborative environment – specifically tailored to nurturing innovation and entrepreneurial ventures.  

“Station F is the only startup campus gathering a whole entrepreneurial ecosystem under one roof” – Station F Campus

On Thursday the 29th of June Station F officially opened its doors with a ceremony attended by French President Emmanuel Macron, Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo and of course the Unmanned Life team!

Station F will play host to incubators, venture capital firms and large corporate brands as well as startups. As Station F director Roxanne Varza aptly puts it:

“We’re not doing any babysitting or any bullshit mentoring. We’re putting resources at their fingertips,” Varza for Venture Beat.

The startup campus is indeed so much more than just that, it is a collaborative space where the Unmanned Life team, and others selected for a space, can interact with key players in the industry and actively explore different avenues to further develop their solutions.

One such example of these opportunities can be found in Amazon’s decision to open up it’s first Amazon Web Services Mentor Office in Station F:

“All year long, AWS experts will deliver technical and business assistance to startups based on campus. AWS Solutions Architects will meet startup members for face-to-face sessions, to share guidance on how cloud services can be used for their specific use cases, workloads, or applications,” explains Amazon CTO, Werner Vogels in his blog post.

To take full advantage of this extremely rare and precious opportunity, Unmanned Life will be opening an office in Paris to be as fully immersed and involved in all Station F has to offer.

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