Unmanned Life ‘s summer at Station F in Paris

The 7th of July 2017 was a big day for U-Life.  Indeed, it was the very first day that Unmanned Life stepped into Station F  the world biggest campus for start-ups in Paris. U-Life has been selected out of a competitive pool of 2000 start-ups. Station F team claims that they are “the only start-up campus gathering an entire entrepreneurial ecosystem under one roof”. And they can claim it: the campus accounts for more than 36 000 square meters, 3000+ desks in the start-up zone and 26 international programs.

Q: Why did U-Life apply to Station F?

A: For U-Life it is a great opportunity to be among young companies that want to grow globally creating a lasting impact. Thanks to Station F, U-Life will be able to step into the French market leading to new business and venture capital opportunities in Europe.

During the summer, Unmanned Life was not lying on the beach. Instead, they attended several unique events. Being part of the founders’ program, U-Life had the opportunity to meet Jeff Clavier who is the founder and managing director of SofTech VC, one of the most prominent VCs in the US. He pitched the US investment scene and shared his experience. U-Life also had a video interview with the French magazine Management (to be released soon) as well as a Q&A with Alain Mevellec, founder of Sellsy, about sales strategy. These are just a few examples of what has been achieved this summer.

Upcoming September is bringing more and more opportunities for networking. U-Life supports Station F ‘s leitmotiv being “you never learn better than from other entrepreneurs”. Our team is looking forward to expanding its business partnerships by participating in after work events and encountering with Grandes Ecoles.

Stay tuned!