Unmanned Life awarded the Best Start-Up Innovation of the Year by the Postal Industry at Post Expo 2017

(Geneva, Switzerland) Unmanned Life, a London company with offices in Brussels, Paris, San Francisco, and Mumbai, has won the award for the Best Start-Up Innovation of the year for its Autonomous Pop-Up Sorting Centre Solution.

This award, that addresses the urging logistics needs of the booming e-commerce market, was delivered at the Post-Expo 2017 by the Postal Innovation Platform, an official platform from the Universal Postal Union, a formal body from the United Nations.

All the finalists pitched live, and the jury consisted of some of the top players in the Postal and Logistics world including, the Chairman of Postea Group Elmar Toime, member of the supervisory board of DHL, Dieter Bambauer, member of the management board of the Swiss Post / head of PostLogistics, Nick Pendleton, Director of strategy & innovation at Royal Mail Group, CEO Hugues Hansen of Start’inPost, La Poste’s start-up accelerator.

The Jury voted unanimously to select Unmanned Life as the winner as in their opinion although the top three candidates were all excellent they consider Unmanned Life to be the real game changer for the industry as a whole.

“There are many excellent start-ups innovating in the postal and logistics space, however what Unmanned Life is doing is truly game changing for the whole industry” as Bernhard Bukovc, Chairman of the Postal Innovation Platform, summarized  at the award ceremony.”

World’s First Fully Autonomous Drone-Based Parcel Sorting Center from Unmanned Life on Vimeo.

The Autonomous Pop-Up Sorting Centre solution enables a fleet of Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGV) to replace human labor-intensive roles in a sorting centre environment. These UGV’s intelligently avoid obstacles and other UGV’s, transfer packages from unsorted input to sorted output gates and ultimately deliver the complete scalable sorting centre solution.

The Autonomous Pop-Up Parcel Sorting Centre is flexible and scalable, capable of being set up in less than a day. It can even be moved from one location to another and be sized up or sized down. Operators can adapt their capacity depending on demand, for instance on Black Friday or Christmas seasons for instance.

This is a major milestone for the young start-up founded by Kumardev Chatterjee and Nicholas Zylberglajt in 2015 and a recognition of the potential of Unmanned Life´s AI software platform to re-write the rules of the industry, bringing flexibility, scalability and significant cost reduction for any player, not just the big ones.

“This is the ultimate validation from the industry and our current and future customers of the innovation and disruption we are bringing to this world.” said the Kumardev Chatterjee, CEO of the company.

The British Start-up organized more than 20 live demos at the Post Demo in front of diverse companies such as Swiss Post, Panasonic, Beumer Group, GeoPost, Austria Post, Turkish Post, among others.

Unmanned Life´s CEO was also invited to present at two different sessions on new business models for the Postal Industry and the new sorting solutions along with the deputy CEO of Swiss Post Ulrich Hurni.

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