Bringing connectivity anywhere at the Telecom Infra Project Summit

Telecom Infra Project Summit, November 8-9th, Santa Clara, Silicon Valley, CA

Unmanned Life had very fruitful couple of days at Telecom Infra Project Summit invited by Facebook and BT. It was the perfect opportunity to showcase our ground-breaking solutions to the community who is leading the disruptive change in the telecom industry.

TelecomInfraProject Summit welcomed a high level of representatives from the relevant industries including Yael Maguire Facebook’s VP of connectivity, Yago Tenorio the head of Network Strategy & Architecture at Vodafone and Mustafa Aykyutfrom from Turkcell.

During two-days Summit, Unmanned Life unleashed multiple products built on our Autonomy-as-a-Service platform.

1, Autonomous DroneCell Solution(ADCS) enabling telecom industry to connect remote and rural areas. ADCS is cost-efficient telecom infrastructure which erases the digital gap between unconnected remote populations. Furthermore, Autonomous Drone Cell Solution facilitate ad-hoc telco services accounting for disaster response, urban emergencies or events with high-density of people.

Autonomous Drone Cell Solution (ADCS) from Unmanned Life on Vimeo.

2, Autonomous Inventory Check dramatically increases the capability of in-warehouse operations. We are taking step towards the idea of delivering the time-efficient, safe and reliable performance. Our solution can increase the accuracy and completeness of the orders resulting in a dynamic supply chain. By deploying our Autonomous Inventory Check solution, we want to guarantee that warehouse management has the full information necessary to manage the stock. The main focus is on building digital factories and smart warehouses.

World First Fully Autonomous Warehouse Inventory Management from Unmanned Life on Vimeo.

3, Autonomous Drone Parcel Delivery System integrated with Delivery Vehicles provides fully autonomous last mile drone delivery fleet that can be deployed on-demand, anywhere. The System Integration Box (SIB) allows the drone parcel delivery system to be easily integrated on ANY existing delivery vehicle, without any modifications to the vehicle. The solution improves the performance making it synchronized, economical and faster.

Autonomous Drone Parcel Delivery System integrated with Delivery Vehicles from Unmanned Life on Vimeo.

Moreover, during the TIP Summit, Unmanned Life was mentioned as a reference at the very first opening keynote by Jay Parikh Vice President of Engineering from Facebook and as well as our ADCS solution has been mentioned multiple times during conference keynotes categorized as one of the most significant solutions in the Telecom Industry.

Last but not least, at the end of the event, our team has been invited along with other TEAC Start-ups to Facebook Headquarters for strategic discussions on how to address the connectivity gap.

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