Unmanned Life invited to AI Congress to showcase how artificial intelligence is powering autonomous solutions

AI Congress, London, 30-31st of January.

Unmanned life, named in last November as The Most Disruptive Company of 2017 by Deep Tech Industry in London, was invited to AI Congress in London to present how artificial intelligence is used to power the autonomy-as-a-service platform.

AI Congress brought together hundreds of leading enterprises, thought leaders and investors from across the globe to look at how Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning is changing society and the foundations of how we do business. Besides our pitching slot, the event provided high-level presentations, real-life examples, and hands-on advice from business leaders of the industry’s largest companies, discussing how they are benefiting from the advances of AI. Furthermore, the event featured a wide range of tech companies, investors, and other key stakeholders in AI providing a broad and balanced perspective of the latest challenges, opportunities, and developments in the fast-moving world of Artificial Intelligence.

Our CTO Kim Clement provided a full overlook of our solution that has become an industry standard for Autonomy as a Service which offers on-demand scalable and flexible autonomous workforces. He highlighted the software that manages individual robotic systems of different types to work as a robust autonomous fleet enabling them for industrial use.  Also, a lot of interest was awakened when Kim described how our platform works both indoor and outdoor, in GPS and GPS denied environments and uses communication systems such as 5G, 4G, Telemetry and Wi-Fi which makes it future proof.

The audience, formed by industry leaders, were especially impressed with the proved facts of how companies, due to the integration of our platform with business information systems, can leverage their existing data and knowledge to optimize their production.

Our CTO also provided valuable information about U-life’s future plans. Many industries are considering us to be the hot company of 2018, which can also be seen in the investor community.

We are actively operating in 3 different continents, expanding our presence in the postal and logistics sector with our award-winning autonomous sorting solution with the giants of the industry. These companies can be called as early adopters, as they have implemented AI on their solutions. According to McKinsey, they are enjoying profit margins greater than 5%. By implementing the use of autonomous solutions on the highly increasing and changing industries, clear competitive advantages are seen. For instance, autonomy-as-a-service solutions directly help companies to cut shipping and work times, costs, and security risks. Moreover, with artificial intelligence empowering the autonomous solutions, they can be easily adapted to changing demand, becoming the most efficient solution possible.

Also, we continue our close collaborations with the telco industry where also big news are going to be announced. On top of this, we are dedicating more to offer our solutions widely in emerging areas such as infrastructure, inspection, surveillance, automotive and supply chain including smart factories.

Moreover, the key themes discussed in AI Congress concentrated on how artificial intelligence can be effectively monetized, the cost-saving practices achieved through AI, the ever-growing opportunities for enterprises, practical implementation, risks and challenges faced with implementation and how enterprises can adapt to take advantage of the growing opportunities presented by artificial intelligence. For U-life these themes are extremely important and interesting when enabling the 4th industrial revolution.

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