Highlights of Mobile World Congress 2018

MWC18 turned out to be one of the most successful exhibition weeks for Unmanned Life so far. Although the weather in Barcelona was extremely cold, Unmanned Life proved multiple times to be the HOT company of the year with world´s first 5G enabled autonomous solutions. Only successful exhibition days weren´t enough for us; we took the last week of February to a whole new level.

Our MWC18 started already on Sunday when our both founders were invited to the private GSMA Mobile lunch, that is considered the official inauguration event of the Congress. It is a privileged gathering where ministers, public authorities, and representatives from the most important companies in Telco celebrate the start of MWC. We were extremely proud to be among the invitees.

At MWC on Monday, we spent the day exhibiting at Facebook´s private and exclusive area. Last October we got chosen for the Telecom Ecosystem Accelerator as the only AI Drone company. This proved the importance of AtaS, especially our ADCS (Autonomous DroneCell Solution) has in the process of changing the operations of tomorrow. Also, being among TEAC start-ups has brought us significant opportunities, like sharing the same exhibition area with WhatsApp and Messenger. Goals for MWC were fulfilled, bringing us many new innovative opportunities, contacts and possible partnerships to keep changing the future’s operations.

Definitely, one of the high moments of this year´s MWC was lived on Wednesday 28th when U-life being only 2,5 years old company was in a live interview with CNN. Already the second year in a row UK government DIT (Department for International Trade) selected us to showcase the best of British innovation to MWC18. CNN during the exhibition interviewed companies from different sectors. On Wednesday the topic was Autonomous and AI – who of the sector would have been better to showcase innovation than U-Life?

Almost 10-minute-long interview with our Founder and CEO Kumardev Chatterjee gave a full overview of how autonomy-as-a-service is enabling autonomous economy and how it’s about to come and transform the way we live and work. Kumardev explained how a 5G will be the enabling for us and our strong interest in cutting-edge solutions. He highlighted that even the development of POC is still ongoing, these solutions are implemented much sooner than expected. Also, other main topics of the interview were concentrated on the overview of 5G, telco industry, and current world´s first transatlantic operations. See the whole interview in here:

CNNCreate Interview from Unmanned Life on Vimeo.

One of the key achievements of the week was without any doubt the release of the project Unmanned Life has been working on silently for the last few months with BT, Verizon and Ericsson. You can see on this video Unmanned Life Autonomous Drones operating over Verizon and BT Transatlantic Roaming 5G Network providing Emergency Medical Supplies Delivery on-demand and Real-Time Video Surveillance for Disaster Recovery. This is a world´s first and shows the potential and capabilities of Unmanned Life´s platform to deploy 5G enabled autonomous solutions. This is another world’s first for Unmanned Life: fully autonomous drone flights over transatlantic 5G networks – autonomous drone missions launched in New Jersey from Verizon’s 5G network and completed in real-time at King’s College London, using the Unmanned Life Autonomy-as-a-Service cloud platform running over transatlantic 5G networks from Verizon and BT, powered by Ericsson’s equipment.

“Unmanned Life is at the forefront of 5G -led autonomous revolution. This completely changes the game for autonomy and drones – utilizing 5G we can now launch and manage in real-time autonomous drone missions anywhere from very far away – thousands of kilometers in fact.” Kumardev Chatterjee, Founder & CEO, Unmanned Life

4 Years From Now surprised with its innovative approach in technology and other sectors, all concentrating on how to make the world a better place. Great exhibition days were performed and a wide range of audience was reached, including top investors from all around the globe, representatives from GSMA, LG, Samsung, Cisco and many others. Unmanned Life truly showed our power reaching a lot of attention in the exhibition area. Moreover, our CEO Kumardev Chatterjee gave a very exciting pitch about autonomy-as-a-service on Wednesday at Discovery Area at 4YFN. Cathay Innovation selected us as the TOP 7 companies to exhibit about autonomy-as-a-service in the sector of mobility. Our pitch woke up a lot of interest among the investors who were truly amazed by the game-changing autonomy-as-a-service solutions.

Last but not least, Unmanned Life welcomed the most important representatives to a VIP Networking Reception on Monday after the great kick off the first day at MWC. The reception was very successful and attracted many representatives from the leading companies such as BT, Google, Silicon Valley Bank, Airbus, Nokia and others. Our CEO Kumardev gave a great and passionate pitch about Unmanned Life and our vision about 5G enabled autonomous solutions.

“Mobile World Congress was a very important milestone for our company. The high interest from key players in the industry is real. The announcement of our 5G Autonomous Drones Project with BT, Verizon and Ericsson confirms not only that Unmanned Life provides cutting-edge technology that nobody else in the market has but also that we are a trusted partner who can deliver excellence in execution”  Nicholas Zylberglajt, Co-Founder & COO, Unmanned Life