Autonomous Robots at Noah Conference

On 7 June 2018, Kumardev Chatterjee, CEO and cofounder of Unmanned Life, took to the main stage in the Colosseum Theatre of Noah Conference, to speak about his vision of Autonomy-as-a-Service. Kumardev is CEO and cofounder of Unmanned Life, a multi-industry, multi-award winning 2 year old company that an autonomously coordinate fleets of robots, rovers and drones, which has just been awarded the UK’s Best Disruptive Innovation 2017, is valued over 20 M GBP and in scaling-up across the world.

NOAH Conference – Berlin 2018 – Day Two

  • Unmanned Life has developed an AI driven software platform that can autonomously coordinate fleets of IoT devices, using existing IT infrastructure, over 4G LTE, 5G or the cloud.
  • Where human beings are doing manual labour for low value or little added value, that´s where we can deploy robots. Not complicated or expensive, just intelligent enough to take orders, and the software does the rest.
  • Software runs in the cloud anywhere, connecting robots, rovers and drones remotely. It could be 7 000 miles away, as we proved when we did this between the UK and the USA.
  • Integrates with existing businesses without integration across the chain.
  • Autonomous Parcel Sorting – up to 10 000 parcels an hour
  • Autonomous Fleet Based Parcel Delivery – instead of autonomous cars, we can deliver robots from drones on a normal car, and Autonomous Inventory Management.
  • In the last six months we´ve gone to marker, won six global awards, we have offices in London, Brussels and San Francisco. We have customers in 10 countries, this year we´re going to record 15x year-on-year growth, and we have six fortune 500 partners.

We can deploy drones to relay thermal images and information to firefighters. You cannot do that with pilots or the army, you need software because it´s too dangerous, it´s too hard, it needs to be done in real-time and it needs to be done in an intelligent way, and our software can do that.