Drones at Downing Street, flown Autonomously!

On Wednesday, a swarm of drones were flown autonomously at No.10 Downing Street for the first time, in a demonstration in front of the Prime Minister and the most influential Tech entrepreneurs, investors and ecosystem actors from the UK and the world, making up 180 attendees. The demonstration was part of an exclusive roundtable whereby the Prime Minister had invited tech leaders, entrepreneurs, investors and founder-including our CEO-to her home, and the five most promising UK tech companies to showcase their products. One of these companies was Unmanned Life.

The demo, the first of its kind, was enabled by Unmanned Life, a fast-growing tech company who have created the world’s first software platform powered by AI and IoT which can be used to autonomously power individual or fleets of aerial or ground vehicles, such as drones.

Before the demonstration there was a private round table meeting with the Prime Minister Theresa May, including Matt Hancock, Secretary of Digital Culture, Media and Sport, and Kumardev Chatterjee, CEO of Unmanned Life was one of the exclusive inner circle present. It resulted in two billion pounds of new tech investment, 1,600 new jobs and new start up visas being later announced.

The Prime Minister then made a speech extolling the fast-growth of tech, and named Unmanned Life as an example of it, saying she was excited to see the capabilities of the software as for example saving lives in fires. COO and co-founder Nicholas Zylberglajt explained to the PM exactly what the demonstration would entail. The demonstration was going to fly drones autonomously, e.g without any human intervention, to prove the capabilities of this AI software platform, showcasing the capabilities of the platform to deploy different type of autonomous use cases that could improve the lives of citizens and generate new business models.

A crowd of a few hundred of the most influential tech players and onlookers gathered to watch the demonstration, including privileged attendees such as Rajeev Misra, CEO of ソフトバンク(SoftBank, Niklas Zennström, CEO of Atomico, fellow participating tech specialists, politicians and royalty, including The Duke of Cambridge, Matt Hancock, Secretary of Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, Dr Liam Fox from the Department for International Trade and of course the Prime Minister herself. Security was heavy, and the atmosphere tense as the audience waited with baited breath to see if the software platform would work, and if the drones, small airborne robots, would make their flight.

It was an enormous success! The Software was providing such safety and stability to the drones fleets that the Prime Minister was standing just a few metres away without any protection confident that there was no potential risk. The innovative AI powered software platform, which can coordinate fleets of drones, was astounding. This innovative architecture integrates drones of different types (aerial, ground, hybrid) and with a variety of capabilities to work together as robust autonomous fleets, in conjunction with other IoT devices and hardware, powering the deployment of Autonomy-as-a-Service over the cloud via a single, multi-device compatible user interface.

No.10 Downing Street Drone Swarm for UK’s Prime Minister from Unmanned Life on Vimeo.

This was much more than a demonstration, but a momentous occasion symbolising the recognition of the IoT, drones and autonomous movement as an increasingly large feature of the future, now acknowledged at the Government level and by world Tech Leaders. This renders our AI software platform crucial. Already, autonomous technology is becoming an increasingly sought after resource for commercial, industrial and personal use, for its unbeatable cost-effectiveness, speed and ease. Unmanned Life´s AI driven software platform is already being deployed in the field of postal and logistics, including autonomous pop-up sorting centres, inventory management-making conveyer belts obsolete-but also in telecommunications, as UAVs can be used to connect even the most remote locations through 4G LTE and 5G roaming access. Future uses of these incredible machines are infinite, but already Unmanned Life are exploring sectors such as infrastructure, surveillance, and building the factories of the future.

After the enormously successful demonstration, Unmanned Life was in centre spotlight at No.10 Downing Street, as people gathered to ask questions, share their enthusiasm and congratulate us. Unmanned Life were the only one of the five to do a live demonstration of their tech, and it appeared they stole the show at No.10! More to come next week…