Kumardev Chatterjee represents Unmanned Life at the IoT Forum on Logistics

In the heart of Silicon Valley, once a month industry experts, leading academics and businessmen gather to discuss the latest innovation, share ideas and build professional bridges across the entire ecosystem of the Internet of Things. This month Kumardev Chatterjee, CEO of Unmanned Life, will be one of the exclusive members convening to discuss the most recent and cutting-edge changes in IoT and various resulting opportunities, where connected devices show incredible promise for revolutionizing logistics and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).

In this panel, the various experts and industrial buyers in the field of logistics will bring their ideas on the field of ERP, now decades old, which is being re-invigorated by the IoT. Following this discussion, they will share insights on the needs of logistics buyers, from sensors and monitoring to analytics and cloud services.

The IIoT is the driving technology behind the Fourth Wave of the Industrial Revolution, and this is where Unmanned Life comes in. Kumardev Chatterjee will be representing the multi-award-winning company whose unique software platform architecture enables Industry40 through autonomous solutions.

Starting at 11.30am California time, Kumardev Chatterjee will present the IoT Case Study in Logistics.

Recently, Unmanned Life achieved another high watermark, deploying the world’s very first autonomous sorting centre for a major postal operator.

This enormously significant event has resounding implications for the Postal and Logistics sector, which will be forever transformed as revolutionary improvements in speed and efficiency were achieved by autonomous sorting centre, setting an example for the industry as a whole. This further assured the role of Unmanned Life as leading the 5G enabled autonomous economy. In just 3 years Unmanned Life has continued to drive change with their AI-driven software platform that offers Autonomy-as-a-Service across sectors, enabling Industry 4.0.

The project was a resounding success. In just 3 months, an autonomous sorting solution was designed and delivered on time, on budget and with results exceeding the agreed KPIs. It should be fully operational by the end of the year.

The example set by the Autonomous Sorting Centre demonstrates the ability of the Industrial Internet of Things technologies to increase productivity, reduce waste and increase profit. The IIoT is eliminating the distinction between physical goods, transportation and the cloud, and revolutionizing industrial operations through monitoring, tracking and optimizing goods and equipment and more.

The recent success and unprecedented results of the Unmanned Life operation has set an inspirational example of how autonomous solutions can lead to optimized production, sales, costs, and profits.

Global attention will be on Kumardev Chatterjee and Unmanned Life at this crucial IoT Forum, we look forward to presenting our award-winning software platform and describing the success of achieving the world’s first Autonomous Sorting Centre!