Unmanned and Unbelievable: time to hit London Tech Week

Robots on the streets and drones in the sky…a scene from BladeRunner 2049? No, this is London Tech Week.

Between 11 and 17 June, all eyes will be on London as the city hosts Europe´s largest festival of technology and innovation. Unmanned Life will be there alongside some of the biggest names in tech who will be showcasing the latest transformational technologies and innovations, including robots, AI and autonomous vehicles. London will be hosting over 50,000 delegates from around the world, and leading entrepreneurs, policy-makers, start-ups and international talent will gather to share their visions and build partnerships.

Headline speakers include Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia, Baroness Martha-Lane Fox, founder of lastminute.com and Sir Martin Sorrel of WPP, and the city-wide event will be opened by Mayor Sadiq Khan.

London will be connecting global economies through the web of the digital ecosystem, bringing together corporates, venture capital and tech companies. Cities and countries around the world are embracing their tech and start-up sectors and coming together to build a smarter future. Some of the biggest talking points of London Tech Week will be the future of work and Artificial Intelligence putting Unmanned Life on the centre stage at panel discussions, events and workshops across the capital.

CEO Kumardev Chatterjee, COO Nicholas Zylberglajt and the whole team at Unmanned Life will be heading to London next week to share our vision of Autonomy-as-a-Service, and our innovative AI driven software platform, which integrates fleets of autonomous vehicles and other IoT devices, over the cloud via a single management interface both indoors and outdoors, with or without GPS, over Wi-Fi, 4G LTE or 5G.

We will be participating at events across the city and we don´t want you to miss a thing, so here is a guide to the exciting events ahead:

Good Growth Summit

The week begins early for Unmanned Life, who will hit the ground running, with the team attending the Good Growth Summit early on Tuesday morning. This is a unique gathering by CEOs and tech leaders to share knowledge and build connections. The Good Growth Summit is held by Go to Grow, the London Mayor’s International Business Programme. For more on Go to Grow click here.

Department of International Trade Reception

After several more events explained in more detail below, jackets will be donned for the Department of International Trade (DIT) reception in the evening, where the team will be attending the black-tie reception at the Science Museum. This prestigious occasion will be attended by several Government Ministers, and it will be an opportunity for networking and socialising. This will be a unique opportunity to share ideas with leaders of the tech world, the international delegations attending London Tech Week, and Government Ministers, with the backdrop of spectacular views across London from the City Hall.

Drone Futures: How the UK can lead from the front: 13 June

Developments that will define the drone use cases of tomorrow: Understanding some of the most exciting projects and advances in the sector that will materialise in the next 5-10 years. This major conference will provide a unique blend of policy and industry expertise from a range of eminent organisations and enterprises to discuss the most pressing and challenging questions surrounding the future of drones in the UK. CEO of Unmanned Life, Kumardev Chatterjee will be one of the panellists, in this massive event on Wednesday, organised by techUK, the UK´s foremost trade body for tech companies, and DJI, the world´s leading manufacturer of civilian drones. Kumardev Chatterjee will be providing expertise on the developments that will define the drone use cases of tomorrow, the session taking place between 11.30 and 12.45.

Project Kairos: 12-14 June, Pitch-Off Competition Thursday

The central startup event for London Tech Week, Project Kairos will be taking place between 12-14 June in ExCEL London, and Unmanned Life will be part of this “supreme moment”. Alongside the Startup Pod exhibition over the three days, we are pleased to announce that we will be participating in the Pitch-Off Competition on the 14th of June, on AI Machine Learning and Robots. Our cofounders will showcase Unmanned Life in front of the panels, presenting our vision to industry experts and investors, and we are excited to have the chance of winning the coveted Innovation of Things award!

Later this same day, CEO Kumardev Chatterjee will be participating in another major panel discussion on the current and future role of 5G in our lives, an issue that affects across the board.

5G LONDON 14 June

How much is 5G going to affect the way we live and work in 1, 5 and 10 years´ time? Once again Unmanned Life will be participating in this discussion, with Kumardev Chatterjee joining a team of experts to shed light on the future consequences of 5G both at the individual and global macroeconomic level.

This event will attract much attention in London Tech Week, as 5G London will be exploring new technological advancements announcing plans for hyper-connectivity across the continent. Communication enables progress, and this event which discusses the evolution of LTE, early 5G field trials and the tech underpinning this transformative technology will be a focal point to business, technology and individuals. The omnipresence of 5G connectivity is inevitable, and all eyes will be on this major event. Click here for a short clip on the event.

London Tech Week will be opening minds, doors and a window to the future, and Unmanned Life is proud to be part of the 4th Industrial Revolution and have a pivotal role in bridging innovation and capital. The future is Autonomous.