Unmanned Life launches the world’s first Autonomy-as-a-Service 5G Cloud from the MWCA18

Imagine an Autonomous Future, and all the possibilities it could bring…#MWCA18

Over 3 days in Los Angeles at the MWCA18, the impossible was achieved as Unmanned Life launched daily demonstrations of Autonomy-as-a-Service over 5G, a world premiere. The Platform leverages AI and 5G to interconnect IoT devices to enable the Autonomous Economy and create a hyperconnected society of humans and robots. It was a magnet of the Congress, attracting the Hollywood superstar and award-winning actor Wesley Snipes, most famous for his role as Blade the Marvel superhero. He was attracted to the technology and asked questions about the software. Even superheroes need Autonomy-as-a-Service over 5G!

Wesley Snipes checking out the big guns at the MWCA18

The demonstrations took place on the event of the Mobile World Congress of the Americas. This 3 day congress is the biggest Telco conference of the USA, and one of the most significant global gatherings of the best and brightest in tech. This year, it brought together over 25 000 executives, entrepreneurs and investors from the telco and mobile industries. Taking place in the Los Angeles Convention Centre in LA, California, the congress hosted over 1000 exhibitions, debates and keynote speeches. The biggest theme of the year, and a hot topic and buzzword through the congress was 5G, with talk of spectrum, bandwidth, low latency and the race to bring 5G to society.

What more perfect opportunity to announce the first and only platform in the world that enables Autonomy-as-a-Service over 5G? Unmanned Life, the multi award-winning British tech company, headed across the Atlantic and used the major event to launch the world’s first 5G cloud platform, empowering the Autonomous Economy to create a hyperconnected ecosystem of humans and robots.

The MWCA venue

Unmanned Life is the world’s only fully autonomous service platform, creating a unique ecosystem “Autonomy-as-a-Service” which bridges low-latency 5G connection to animate IoT devices, effectively enabling the 4th Industrial Revolution. This year, we were present simultaneously at two strategic and significant venues of the MWCA in both the UK Government backed Great Britain and Northern Ireland Pavilion and in the GSMA Innovation City.

Unmanned Life was proud to be showcasing alongside the best of the British, and very thankful for the government support and platform given by the Department for International Trade, the British Consulates in San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York and TechUK. From the UK Pavilion, we directed traffic to Innovation City where launched the only drone demonstrations at the Congress.

Autonomy-as-a-Service over 5G: Innovation City, MWCA18

The heart of the Congress, Innovation City was the hub of activity and interest, the perfect platform for our platform! Here, at the core of future tech we showed the global audience gathered at the MWCA how our AI-driven software platform can autonomously coordinate swarms of IoT devices. For these demos, we used a drone and rover but the platform can be used for individual or swarms of interconnected devices, over 4G LTE, 5G, WIFI or GPS.

5G was used for the first time, to coordinate the rover and drone, which performed in an intelligent, precise manner.

With tens of thousands of investors, executives and entrepreneurs from telecommunications, technology and more, the MWCA18 was the perfect platform for our platform!

Preparing for the demo

Pod 10, Innovation City

What exactly did the demo entail?

The demo consisted of an intelligent swarm of rovers and drones, working together in an autonomous coordinated manner. The drone would take flight from, and land back upon the rover with perfect accuracy, and they would circle each other with precision and infallibility: all demonstrating the autonomous use cases capable by the Platform.

It also demonstrated the fully autonomous inter-robot communication and coordination, ensuring they always circled each other in a tight and precise loop with the drone centered on the rover as they do for industrial use cases like inventory management and facilities monitoring.

The crowd also witnessed fully autonomous drone flight, including super-precise landing with millimetre precision. This was achieved without any GPS, external cameras, motion capture mechanisms or location systems.

Autonomous drone

The intelligent manner that the drone and rover cooperated with utter precision and infallibility: perfectly demonstrated the autonomous use cases capable by the Platform.

These include: autonomous inventory management, facilities monitoring, emergency telecommunications in critical situations, and warehouse use cases.

The highly advanced, cutting edge capabilities of this Artificial Intelligence software Platform are unprecedented, and caused quite a stir at the MWCA18! Some highly recognizable faces and major names were attracted to Pod 10 Innovation City to see the incredible demo, from Wesley Snipes to the General Director of GSMA Mats Granryd, and the CTO Alex Sinclair.

CTO Kim Clement explaining the technology to Mats Granryd and Alex Sinclair

On the first day alone over 1000 people came to the demo, and over 152 demos took place over just 2 and a half days, a figure unparalleled in the history of autonomous flight.

Thousands of high-profile visitors streamed to this highlight of the MWCA18 to see the technology operating over 5G, that will shape the Autonomous Economy.

Kumardev Chatterjee, CEO and cofounder of Unmanned Life, was interviewed by the Global System for Mobile Communications Association(GSMA) which represents the interests of the worldwide mobile communications industry. They questioned him on Autonomy-as-a-Service over 5G in an interview that will be streamed on Mobile World Live.

The Unmanned Life team at the MWCA18

Unmanned Life has been on an incredible journey over a mere three years to date. In recent months they demonstrated Autonomy-as-a-Service at the residence of the British Consul General Andrew Whittaker in the prestigious neighbourhood of Presidio, San Francisco, to multiple global awards and world premieres, to be announced later this week.

The latest achievement, the inaugural demonstration of Autonomy-as-a-Service over 5G at the Mobile World Congress of the Americas 2018, was yet more proof of the company as leading the Autonomous Economy, and through industrial automation across sectors, creating a hyperconnected ecosystem of humans and robots at the dawn of the era of the cyber-physical. #staytuned