Unmanned Life joins Verizon and Nokia for second annual public safety technology expo at the Guardian Centers

When Every Second Counts: Operation Convergence Response (#OCR2018) Returns to Showcase Life-Saving Innovations

Perry, Ga., USA. ([11.07.2018]) – Unmanned Life will demonstrate its latest technology that can assist emergency first responders during Operation Convergent Response (#OCR2018), Nov. 5-10, 2018 at the Guardian Centers in Perry, Ga., USA.

#OCR2018 is the second annual public safety technology expo and live demonstration event hosted by Verizon and Nokia in collaboration with the Guardian Centers and Aegex Technologies. #OCR2018 brings together dozens of the world’s most innovative companies to showcase their technologies that can enhance emergency response operations.

Unmanned Life will power the deployment of autonomous emergency solutions with its award-winning Autonomy-as-a-Service Software platform enabling multiple swarms of drones to accomplish critical operations as a workforce, all managed through one single interface. Unmanned Life’s unique software platform combines different key elements of Artificial Intelligence such as mission management, swarm control, core AI processing and sensor fusion to make the deployment of autonomous solutions a simple step for any large corporation or institution.

For first responders and emergency response operations, autonomous solutions are game-changing and with any doubt will save lives and reduce cost of emergency response operations. Citizens’ safety will be improved and tax-payers money will be saved. Indeed, by deploying AI-powered autonomous solutions, interventions during the so-called “Golden Hour” will be radically increased. By simply pushing a button on a tablet interface, an autonomous drone-based mission can be launched within minutes. No need for helicopter interventions or human-piloted drone missions which are still heavily dependent on available human and financial resources.

Unmanned Life will be featured [in] [the Helicopter Crash Scenario which will explore the following emergency situation: A civilian helicopter that has engine failure and crashes into a remote field. Rescue teams rush to assist survivors and recover evidence for the subsequent investigation into the causes of the accident. Unmanned Life will deploy a fully autonomous multi-drone swarm to assist the rescue teams. Each drone in the drone swarm will perform a different task from providing reconnaissance through a live video feed to filming in real-time the unfolding actions at the rescue site to dropping emergency supplies].

About Unmanned Life

Unmanned Life is the world’s first Autonomy-as-a-Service software platform offering AI-drone based technology for commercial applications and connectivity. Unmanned life’s SAAS platform allows the autonomous control of multiple robotic fleets and management of swarms of different types of robots – unmanned ground and aerial vehicles completing multiple different missions, simultaneously, providing mission-based automation that is precise, controlled, reliable and repeatable. Unmanned Life’s AI-platform can create a fully integrated autonomous system, operated remotely over the cloud that is aimed at boosting the productivity and value added of key industries such as the telecommunication, mobility, logistics, and transport. Unmanned Life is the winner of UK Most Disruptive Innovation award by the Deep Tech Industry, UK’s National Technology Award and Best Innovation in the Logistics industry. Unmanned Life’s solutions are deployed worldwide in ore than 10 countries and four continents.

About Operation Convergent Response (#OCR2018)

In any crisis – whether a natural disaster, a terror attack or an industrial catastrophe – every second counts. That’s why Verizon, Nokia, the Guardian Centers and Aegex Technologies are collaborating again to host a second annual training and live scenario event that puts the latest emergency response technologies in public and private first responders’ hands to help save lives.

#OCR2018 brings together the world’s most innovative companies to showcase technologies that can enhance emergency response operations during realistic disaster scenarios. The annual event, directed at corporate and government audiences, features a live scenario demonstrations, a trade show, conference, and immersive learning experiences.

The event’s goal? Showing the world what is possible to improve the work of those who respond when every second counts.

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