Making the 5G economy a reality: Unmanned Life and Deutsche Telekom join forces to push the boundaries of 5G applications

On 10-11 December 2018, Unmanned Life kicked-off its cooperation with Deutsche Telekom in the framework of its 5G programme dedicated to startups. With 168 million mobile customers, 28 million fixed-network lines, and 19 million broadband lines, Deutsche Telekom is one of the world´s largest telco operators.

This constitutes a unique opportunity to join Deutsche Telekom as a solution partner in a totally new market. This is another important milestone that we reach as a company. Building on our cooperation with  BT, Ericsson, Nokia, Verizon and Telefónica, this new Telco giant adds to the very prestigious list of telecom leading companies recognizing the central role our autonomy-as-a-service platform will play in driving the 5G economy and unleashing the potential of AI for autonomy. You can expect pioneering projects using the latest 5G technology such as MobiledgeX. The first results are expected in June 2019 and will be presented at the 5G Summit.

Unmanned Life: the bridge between the 5G networks and the IoT

Major Telecom companies operators are racing to bring 5G to society. Unmanned Life is teaming up with the top mobile providers on every continent to enable the Autonomous Economy around the corner. From Government to enterprise level, leaders are jostling to launch the network to eclipse all others.

Unmanned Life will deliver Autonomy-as-a-Service, allowing industries to work together in the shared 5G future. Industries will be redefined, supply chains reshaped and the way we live and work rethought and readjusted in the new 5G future. Our Platform enables simple and cost-effective communication between the visible and the invisible, between 5G connection and the devices it empowers.

We are the bridge between the networks and the robots, unleashing multiple use cases and applications to lead the wave of 5G connectivity.

The program: a solution partner to enable the 5G autonomous economy

We have been selected as one of the top-15 fast-growing companies chosen to work directly with Deutsche Telekom. From December 2018 to June 2019, a pilot solution will be developed and presented to Deutsche Telekom 5G summit in July 2019. The benefits for us are multiple:

  • Deploy our solutions with Deutsche Telekom large pool of B2B customers in the logistics, smart cities and automotive space;
  • Be recognized by the community of leaders and experts who are part of the Deutsche Telekom ecosystem;

Unmanned Life will integrate Deutsche Telekom’s 5G infrastructure and the MobiledgeX platform to control a swarm of autonomous drones and land them with centimeter precision accuracy using sensors placed on the ground, demonstrating capabilities for different smart cities use cases such as infrastructure inspection, safety and security, search and rescue and emergency response.

Beyond the program: leading the 5G-enabled services with the top Telco providers

The significance of this cooperation goes beyond than the simple programme. It is confirmation and validation of the huge interest that the Telco Industry has shown for Unmanned Life´s autonomy-as-a-service AI software platform as the driver for multiple 5G-enabled uses cases. After BT, Verizon, and Telefonica, Deutsche Telekom is the fourth leading telco operator who, along with Nokia and Ericsson, demonstrates the central role that our platform will play in driving the 5G economy.  

Goldman Sachs estimates that the global 5G Market will represent a total market opportunity of 75 billion USD by 2026 with 3.5 billion intercellular IoT connections by the end of 2023. With the already existing cooperation, we are in a very good position to seize these opportunities and unleash the potential of AI for autonomy.