AI FOR AUTONOMY IN SILICON VALLEY: Unmanned Life’s exhibition at the Startup Grind Global 2019

Unmanned Life had the honour to be selected to exhibit at the very exclusive Start-up Grind Global Conference 2019, in Redwood City, Silicon Valley. This conference is held every year to gather a unique community of start-ups, partners, investors, thought leaders and worldwide directors for 2+days of invaluable education, connection, and inspiration. As part of the 2019 Global Conference, only 60 out of an exhaustive list of 3000 applications were selected mainly, mainly judged on the innovativeness of the technology they offer.

With its unique and ground-breaking technology, Unmanned was chosen to exhibit its innovative platform, which mainly consist of an AI-driven software platform integrating drones of different types along with capabilities to work together as robust autonomous fleets. Being invited to such an event implies that Unmanned Life’s platform is recognized as a pioneer of AI and autonomy in the global tech community.

As part of this event, the team had the chance to connect and discuss its unique technology with a community of successful likeminded disruptors and other strategic partners, in accordance with the firm’s objective to gain traction and exposure in the US market and securing funds as part of the ongoing series A round.

Upon arrival to Redwood city on the 11th of February, Unmanned Life had a very strict agenda of meetings and conferences to attend to. On the first day, the team had the chance to be invited to a private reception hosted by Intercom. This event mainly aimed to give an initial taste of the conference, allowing start-ups to network with ‘Start-up Grind Global Chapter’ directors, sponsors, and VIP guests.

On the next day, the conference has officially started for Unmanned Life’s team. The objective of the team was to promote our unique technology to attendees, whilst creating as many partnerships leads as possible. Unmanned Life had the opportunity to play a key and relevant role in the Global Conference discussions given that the main topics in most panels were SaaS and AI, which are the main capabilities offered by our software platform.

Once again, we have proven to a large panel of experts and tech enthusiasts that our world’s first Autonomy-as-a-Service software platform will be a key enabler to the 4th Industrial Revolution and this has been confirmed by the high interest among the investor’s community present in the Silicon Valley. Unmanned Life could not be more relevant to this year’s global conference with its unique SaaS on the Edge platform, given that a large number of tech leaders and influencers reached by the team on the exhibition day were more than interested to see understand how our multiple use cases would shape the Supply Chain, Telco and Emerging areas.

Being present on the 13th of February to exhibit our use cases in a very attractive booth helped the company to reach a large audience of investors, leaders and other tech enthusiasts. It’s fair to say that Unmanned Life was under the spotlight during that event given its unique technology and was able to stand out of the crowd in terms of innovation and uniqueness.

With more than 60 meetings with VCs and thought leaders of the Silicon Valley and the world in general, the Start-up Grind global Conference was a confirmation that our technology was quite unique in terms of capabilities, use cases and benefit. It has generated a significant interest among this trailblazing innovation community of disruptors and was perceived as a Pioneer for AI and Autonomy. The individuals and organizations met during that event will considerably support our future success as a company, and we are already looking forward to being back to exhibit next year.