Unmanned Life: Partner of Choice for the European Union’s to be part of 5G drone Program

Another huge milestone has been achieved for Unmanned Life! In fact, the company has been selected as a partner of choice by the European Union to be part of the exclusive 5G drone program—European Union’s flagship event, with some of the leading industrial leaders including Nokia, Orange, Thales and Airbus. European Union’s ‘5G!Drones’ aim is to trial several UAV use-cases covering 5G services, and to validate 5G KPIs for supporting challenging use cases in areas such as Traffic Management, Public Safety, Situation Awareness and Remote connectivity.

This project will drive the UAV verticals such as Unmanned Life, and 5G networks to a win-win position, on one hand by showing that 5G is able to guarantee UAV vertical KPIs, and on the other hand by demonstrating that 5G can support challenging use-cases that put pressure on network resources, such as low-latency and reliable communication, massive number of connections and high bandwidth requirements. Unmanned Life is proud to bring its cutting-edge capabilities to this program in a public-private partnership with industrial giants, and most importantly to be the base of the ‘5G!Drones’ software layer to launch and control the vertical 5G drone based applications.

The main role of Unmanned Life in the ‘5G!Drones’ program is to :

  • Provide then necessary software layer that will enable the execution and control of use case trials (i.e. Trial controller) on top of the ICT-17 5G facilities
  • Assistance in developing the tools and APIs which will generate automatic Tests for the use cases
  • Provide the software integration of the 5G!Drones software components on top of the selected facilities
  • Design the functional tests for the validation of the 5G!Drones architecture and integrate/test the UAV hardware with respect to the ICT-17 facilities

Our unique software platform is once again recognized as a unique world-beating tech for 5G drone autonomy, trusted by the European Union and global conglomerates such as Airbus. This is even more remarkable, given that a small British start-up is at the heart of an initiative created by the European Union to design and implement the 5G!Drones trial system, which will be in charge of running the UAV trials using the ICT-17 facility components and validate 5G KPIs that demonstrate execution of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle use cases.

Unmanned Life is a partner of choice for this initiative in partnership with some of the leading industrial giants covering verticals including Airbus, Thales and Hepta Airborne as well as commercial network partners such as Orange France, Orange Poland and finally EU research centres including EURECOM and DEMOKRITOS. Being part of such a leading consortium does not only validate our technology strategy and capabilities in the Telco space but also puts us in a very good position in the global race for the software platform that delivers AI and 5G enabled Autonomy.

That being said, Unmanned Life has once again displayed the key pivotal role it plays in the European 5G space by being chosen as one of the main verticals for this initiative which proves its global footprint and

most importantly the necessity of its capabilities to enable the deployment and management of 5G powered use cases, across a large spectrum of industries.