Deutsche Telekom and Unmanned Life join forces to launch 5G and 5G enabled Autonomy services

The 3rd of July was an historic day for Europe’s Telecommunication industry. Deutsche Telekom joins forces with Unmanned Life to announce the official commercial launch of the 5G network and 5G enabled Autonomy services in Europe

After few and limited 5G commercialisations around the world—Primarily in the US, the much-anticipated 5G network was launched during the ‘European 5G Ecosystem launch’ in Hubraum’s offices, Berlin. Deutsche Telekom’s European 5G roll-out has been announced in front of a large ecosystem composed of leading Telco partners, Deep Technology start-ups like Unmanned Life and Governments and Civil Society associations.

This launch coincided with the beginning of a new era for the 5G industry in Europe and globally. Deutsche Telekom is in fact, one of the main leading Telco providers to date, with multiple entities and operations around the world. With over 75B revenue in 2018, DT has driven a 5G initiative over a couple of months with a large spectrum of partners to offer its customers the 5G network in Germany by 2020—The 5G network will be available in Germany’s 20 largest cities.

This strategy has been reinforced in the words of Telekom Deutschland MD Dirk WOSSNER, “Deutsche Telekom has already punched their ticket for a 5G future, with the goal of bringing the network to the streets, to our customers as soon as possible” – the leading European Telco operator has already equipped 75% of their locations, aiming to deploy in 100 locations by the end of the year”

In the process of enabling this 5G dream possible, Deutsche Telekom has selected Unmanned Life to be a partner of choice and drive 5G and 5G enabled applications in Europe. Our company had the honour to contribute to this huge leap forward in technology by providing cutting-edge capabilities that will empower 5G enabled applications across a large spectrum of Telco services. Unmanned Life was invited to present its cutting-edge software platform in front of a Tech oriented ecosystem composed of notable journalists, DT C-level executives, partners and clients. This ecosystem witnessed the world’s first and only deployment of a swarm composed of autonomous robots and drones working together collaboratively to complete multiple tasks, through DT’s low latency 5G network on the Edge. The deployment was a total success for Unmanned Life given the high interest raised by our autonomous drones among German TV journalists, Tech enthusiasts as well as DT’s partners, clients and executives such as Claudia Nemat—DT Board member responsible for their 5G technology and Innovation.

As a matter of fact, our CEO, Kumardev Chatterjee had an insightful discussion with Claudia NEMAT, who emphasized the necessary partnership between Unmanned Life and Deutsche Telekom, in their strategic European roll-out of 5G. DT’s main strategy for innovation is particularly based on partnerships with deep tech start-ups specialized in 5G enabled services such as Unmanned Life, as Claudia NEMAT confirm during her speech: “Thanks to our collaboration, with deep tech start-ups, we’ve learned a great deal about how 5G can be experienced”.

This world’s first deployment over DT’s 5G on the Edge network, did not only validate our technology and the key role we play in unleashing the potential of 5G in Europe, but most importantly asserted the trust that leading Telco providers have in our software platform trusted by global leading industrial companies including Verizon in the US, British Telecom and Telefonica in Europe.

Unmanned Life’s hegemony and strong influence spread among the European 5G ecosystem has been confirmed by a speech given by our CEO, Kumardev Chatterjee, who was given the opportunity to present Unmanned Life’s capabilities in front of the whole ecosystem, raising a high interest among DT’s C level executives, who were particularly impressed by our capabilities and our key pivotal role in empowering 5G enabled Autonomy services.

To top this event off, Unmanned Life has not only shaped history by deploying 5G driven autonomous drones but has also largely contributed to the revolution of this network by live-streaming its deployment over DT’s 5G network, making it the world’s first company to do so.

In Fine, the ‘European 5G Ecosystem Launch’ has been a total success for Unmanned Life, which has once again proved its leading role in the 5G enabled Autonomy industry, by showcasing the unparalleled capabilities and services it offers to this ecosystem. The confluence of 5G on the Edge and Autonomy is a hot topic for industry operators, and we are proud that Unmanned Life is regarded as a key enabler in igniting innovation transfer across the 5G ecosystem whilst creating new business opportunities with DT.