Unmanned Life brings its 5G-native Autonomy software to Asia

Autonomy-as-a-Service unleashes the potential of autonomous solutions at 5G Asia in Singapore


Unmanned Life team, conducted by its CEO Kumardev Chatterjeeand Global Business Development Director Michaela Jamelskaand Global Partnerships Manager Patricia Jamelska will attend this week one of the leading global 5G events in Singapore: 5G Asia. This will be the occasion to demonstrate how our autonomy-as-a-service AI software will unleash the potential of 5G by enabling multiple autonomous robotic solutions in supply chain logistics and telecommunications. With several meetings with the leading Asian Telecommunications are already planned, the highlight of the week will be our CEO´s keynote on how 5G is crucial for autonomous multi-robot fleets and connected smart cities.

From 10 to 12 September, Unmanned Life team will attend 5G Asia where 5G core issues will be discussed to go beyond the hype around 5G. Discussions around concrete solutions, real business opportunities and major technology advancements will be at the centre of this event, in particular 5G commercialization, 5G RAN evolution, Spectrum and Standard, Network Evolution, 5G Automation and Virtualization and the 5G cloud. It is without say that Unmanned Life´s Autonomy-as-a-Service AI software platform will be at the heart of these 5G discussions by showing how concretely autonomous solutions will be enabled by 5G.

The highlight of the week will be our CEO´s Kumardev Chatterjee keynote speechon “How 5G is crucial for autonomous multi-robots fleets and connected smart cities. Our CEO has set the vision for AI, Autonomy and 5G and will share this with an audience of more than 7000 participants from different countries in Asia. As he points out “We see growing demand for SG private / campus networks enabled autonomous services for smart manufacturing, factories, retail, logistics and supply-chain as well as 5G public network enabled rapid emergency response, comprehensive surveillance and inspections and robust live content streaming from mega public events.”

From Unmanned Life perspective the true power of autonomy can only be unleashed through  software platforms such as Unmanned Life providing scalability of end-to-end autonomous solutions along with the flexibility of integration into existing systems. Autonomy everywhere can only happen with 5G. Together with our Telco partners, we will make this a reality.


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