Kumardev Chatterjee is a hit at the most significant “APAC 5G World Series Conference”for his insights on 5G for connected smart cities and autonomous economy

5G BEYOND THE HYPEwas the name of the conference CEO Kumardev Chatterjee participated in last week in Singapore where over 300 expert speakers discussed 5G, and 7000 attendees shared their innovations for the future. The location of the conference was crucial for 5G discussions since the Asia-Pacific region is set to be a global forerunner as the race for 5G cellular connectivity gathers pace. The commercial 5G networks are already available or will soon be in countries like South Korea and Australia, the Philippines, and China. It was good for Unmanned Life to be surrounded by top 5G influencers like SoftBank Group,Cisco,Intel Corporation,    Oracle,Nokia,Huawei,Telstra,Telenor,Vodafone,Orange, AT&T,Jio, Globe Telecom, Smart Communications, Inc., M1 Limited, StarHub, SK Telecom, KT, Singtel, NTT DOCOMO, Inc.,KDDI Corporation,PCCW, GSMA and Axiata, which are sure to leave their stamp on the next phase in the evolution of connectivity.

Miska Jamelska, Operations Director, CEO  Kumardev Chatterjee and Patricia Jamelska, Global Partnerships Manager

Kumardev Chatterjee was among those top influencers to give a keynote presentation on, How is 5G relevant for connected smart cities and autonomous economy.”Our CEO emphasized the importance of using 5G to power the autonomous multi-robot fleets and to work efficiently in having good connections in smart cities. The platform has successfully worked with important sectors like emergency response operations, e-commerce operations, utility and telecom infrastructure inspections, and smart cities among many others. For example, for a fire department trying to access a remote fire, a swarm of drones could minimize the response time and cover larger areas in less time. It could also help in improving the accurate imagery of locations that could be hard to reach at times.


Unmanned has already had great successwith ultra-reliable low latency 5G communications for mission-critical serviceswith BT,Verizon,and Ericsson both in Europe and the US. At this conference, connections were made to help elevate Unmanned Life’s space in this ever-growing 5G industry. Unmanned Life has great plans ahead as it tackles new sectors that could benefit from its unique platform. It will significantly help the workflow of many companies and even assist in real-world dire emergencies.

Stay tuned to find out how Unmanned Life will continue to use 5G to improve and make different sectors better and more efficient.