Unmanned Life has a significant presence at this year’s IEEE 5G World Forum

It will be Unmanned Life’s second time being invited by IEEE to present about the current 5G space. IEEE’s stop scientists and engineers have acknowledged our 5G technology capabilities as being of top quality in the ever-growing 5G space. Our uniqueAutonomy-as-a-Service AI-driven SAAS Platform follows IEEE’s architectural standards. Our presence at this year’s forum will help us drive standards and rapid deployment forward. It’s a way to be a part of the global collaboration of creating 5G that will help improve many of our society’s biggest challenges. We are expanding to important sectors like emergency preparedness and the postal industry among many other growing sectors like telecommunications.

 Our CEO Kumardev Chatterjee will be delivering a speech called “Delivering Autonomous Drone Based Services over 5G” to a group of the top influencers in the 5G space. If you’re not able to see the speech in person, please watch it being live-streamed on Tuesday, October 1, from 14:30-15:00. Also, don’t forget to follow Unmanned Life’s Twitter account during this live stream as we’ll be live-tweeting the best moments of the speech and other activities. Unmanned Life’s focus will be to build collaborations and partnerships with top influencers to help drive standards and rapid deployment forward.

 The 2019 IEEE 2nd 5G World Forum (5GWF’19), jointly organized by IEEE and 5G Lab Germany in conjunction with the IEEE 4th 5G Summit Dresden will take a holistic approach to 5G system design, ranging from silicon hardware, wireless interfaces, networks, edge clouds up to Tactile Internet applications, an excellent overview about the future of 5G. Our CEO, along with other top experts, is drawing upon practical knowledge gained in networking and considering current trends of technology evolution to foresee the meaningful shifts coming our way. It’s a significant milestone in the 5G space.