UK’s Department for International Trade (DIT) selects Unmanned Life as the top innovative British technology company at CEBIT


At this year’s CEBIT Festival, UK tech is leading the way at the forefront of the fourth industrial revolution. In 2018 total venture capital investment in UK tech topped £6 billion. This investment is driving world-leading innovation in several emerging technologies, including AI, machine learning, robotics, data science, Fintech, cybersecurity and IoT, changing the way we live and work.

Unmanned Life with its headquarters in London and operations in 10 countries worldwide, is the world’s leading AI-driven Autonomy-as-a-Service Software platform, working with top Fortune 500 companies who are leaders in their sectors. Unmanned Life took part in the last London Tech Week to demonstrate with former UK prime minister Theresa May, how a swarm of robots worked together autonomously over 5G. Most recently, our CEO was inducted into London’s Evening Standard’s progress 1000 list of most influential leaders in technology.

Unmanned Life is helping the UK lead in innovation on 5G with the only AI-driven 5G native

Autonomy-as-a-Service Software platform in the world that deploys and manages a range of autonomous workforces consisting of swarms of drones and robots with the ability to do various complex tasks and missions as requested. Its drones and rovers can do mine inspections, livestock management, emergency response efforts, and can be deployed across various use cases in multiple sectors. “All countries will need to embrace 5G-enabled tech, but there’s a particularly strong case for Australia to be proactive like the UK has been in this area. Australia has a highly educated and high-cost workforce. That means it needs to focus on innovation and creativity to remain competitive,” says CEO Kumardev Chatterjee.

According to Telstra CEO Andy Penn, “About 80 per cent of Australian businesses are planning to use new technologies that will be enabled by 5G within the next three years, such as artificial            intelligence, drones and augmented reality.” This and other similar statistic is what motivated Unmanned Life to explore the new market in Australia.

Right Click Capital, an Australian Venture Capital Firm, has selected Unmanned Life to pitch at CEBIT on stage at PitchFest on October 29,  and later that evening it will be present at a reception with renowned Artificial Intelligence expert Kriti Sharma. Throughout the festival, Unmanned Life will be at the UK Pavilion F45 so please stop by to learn more about what it does.